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Motes of Dark[1] are items dropped by fallen enemies during Gambit, to be collected and banked by players during the game. They are of value to the Drifter, who can use them to summon Primevals[2].


Smaller enemies, such as Dregs, Thralls and Legionaries will drop one Mote when killed. Higher ranked enemies like Captains and Knights drop three Motes while certain glowing Yellow-bars drop five and High-Value Targets can drop up to 15, which is the max amount of Motes a player can carry.

Inserting 1-4 Motes in the bank will not create any Blocker, while banking 5-9 will send a Taken Phalanx, or a Small Blocker, to the opponent's side. Banking 10-14 Motes will send a Taken Knight or a Medium Blocker, and banking 15 Motes will send a Taken Ogre, or a Large Blocker.

When a team has banked 25 Motes, a portal to invade the other team will open and remain so for the rest of the game unless a player chooses to invade. The portal will open again after 50 Motes have been banked, as well as every time the enemy team depletes one bar of their Primeval's health.

After 75 Motes have been banked, a Primeval will appear along with several Taken units and unique Taken Wizards called Primeval Envoys. When it has been spawned, all other enemies will disappear from the battlefield and Motes can no longer be collected. Any Motes that are carried by a player when the Primeval is spawned will also disappear.

An enemy invader can pick up Motes on the opponent's battlefield and bring them back to their own bank.



  • Motes of Dark appear as black tetrahedral objects with glowing white outlines; this lends them some resemblance to the mysterious fleet of pyramidal entities frequently shown in association with the Darkness.


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