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Destiny venus surface.jpg

Star, position:

Sol, II



12,100 kilometers


.904 g

Length of day:

5,832 hours

Length of year:

243 days




Venus is the second planet in the Solar System, and the second largest terrestrial planet.


With the coming of the Traveler, the toxic air of the world was 'cleansed'[1] and the world was colonized by humanity during the Golden Age,[2] becoming a "paradise."[3] Ancient ruins predating the existence of humanity were discovered on Venus, and after the Collapse, the Vex lay claim to Venus and began protecting those ruins for unknown reasons.[4] The ruins feature relays used by the Vex which are powered by a heavily protected Nexus far below the surface, and are believed to be part of an ancient network which, if fully reawakened, could turn the planet itself into a system that the Vex can control.[4] Both the ruins and the more recent human structures are now choked in vegetation,[5] though humanity has regained a presence on the planet.[2] Sulfuric gasses are vented from the surface of the planet.[6] Crackling lightning flashes through the sulfuric yellow sky, and the jungle has grown over the remnants of the scientific research settlement that humanity once held here. Now, the city's buildings are slowly being swallowed up by the Venusian ocean. Instead, the towering Vex citadel now draws the eye - a hulking obelisk Jenga tower of bizarre geometric shapes. Its purpose remains unknown, but the robotic Vex unceasingly defend it.[7]

The Fallen House of Winter also has their Lair on Venus, adding to the number of hostile forces already present on the planet.[8]


Story Missions[edit]

House of Wolves[edit]








The Ishtar Sink is placed somewhere along the southeastern coast of the Ishtar Terra, one of four highland continents of Venus and just south of the north pole.[9]


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