Ishtar Academy

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Ishtar Academy
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Enemy factions:

Hezen Corrective
House of Winter

Connecting areas:

Ishtar Commons
The Shattered Coast

Area type:


Public Events:

1 or 2

Patrol beacons:

3 to 4


The Ishtar Academy[1] on Venus was once home to the brightest minds of the Golden Age,[2] the Ishtar Collective, who were dedicated to learning and research.[1] Located on what is now the Shattered Coast,[2] it is said that the waters of the adjacent sea boiled away and rose up to shatter the coast, destroying what humanity had built.[1] It is currently grown over with jungle.[3]


Ishtar Academy began as a simple outpost, humanity's first colony on Venus. The subsequent discovery of Vex ruins immediately drew humanity's top scientists there; Campus 9 was one of the first research centers built to study the ruins and consisted of prefabricated structures. As the population exploded, permanent cities were built across Venus and the Academy and Collective were born.[4]



In a mission that was removed from the final version of Destiny, the player had to gain favor with the Queen of the Reef by assisting Uldren Sov in looting the Academy's archives.[5]


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