The Shattered Coast

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The Shattered Coast
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Enemy factions:

House of Winter

Connecting areas:

Ishtar Academy
Ishtar Cliffs

Area type:


Public Events:


Patrol beacons:



The Shattered Coast is a location on Venus. At the heart of this uncontrolled jungle are hidden traces of what was once a large colony. It served as home to the brightest minds of the Golden Age[1] It is said that the waters of the adjacent sea boiled away and rose up to shatter the coast, destroying what humanity had built.[2] Now, the few remains of wisdom that still persist are surrounded by aliens. The Vex here do not let the Guardians approach, and the Fallen refuse to return it to them.[1] The Academy is located on the Shattered Coast.

Points of interest[edit]

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The location was originally called "the Devastated Coast".[1]

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