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A Worm.
"Take into your bodies our children, our newborn larvae. From them you shall obtain eternal life. From them you shall gain power over your own fragile flesh: the power to make of it as you will. And should you find an imperfection in the world, an injustice or an inconvenience — you will have the power to repair it. Let no mere law bind you."

The Worms are an ancient, parasitic worm-like species that dwelled deep under the oceans of the gas giant Fundament. They are disciples of the Darkness and draw their god-like power directly from it. It is through a pact with the Worms that the ancestors of the Hive became the Hive and launched their conquest of the whole universe. The Worms are worshipped and revered as the Hive's highest deities, beyond even Oryx, the Taken King and his sisters Savathûn and Xivu Arath. All Hive are infested with a larvae from one of the five Worm Gods, which drives them to feed off constant conquest and destruction lest the Worm grow unsatisfied and consume them instead.[1]

Worms are notable for their ability to survive death in some form, similarly to Ahamkara. Despite calling themselves worms, the Worm Gods describe themselves as having jaws and wings, and that they are of massive size and strength.


Billions of years ago, the Worm Gods were trapped deep beneath Fundament and guarded by the Leviathan.[2] One of their dead larvae eventually washed up on the shore of the Osmium Court, where it was found by the proto-Hive Osmium King and taken as his familiar. Following the Osmium King's murder by the Helium Drinkers, his daughter Sathona took it from him as she, Aurash, and Xi Ro fled the Court. This worm gave advice to Sathona and through her guided the three sisters in their quest for vengeance. [3] [4]

Eventually, the worm lured the sisters to the domain of the Worm Gods, who tempted them with power and immortality in exchange for becoming parasitized by their larvae. [2] The sisters accepted, taking on the names Oryx, Savathûn, and Xivu Arath. Acting in concert with the Worm Gods, they took more larvae back to the surface in order to offer the rest of their species the same bargain.[5] Those who refused to accept were killed by the emergent Hive. [6]

The Worm Gods oversaw the Hive's conquest of Fundament, providing knowledge, orders, and censure to their leaders as necessary. When the war freed the Worm Gods from Fundament's core, they responded by opening a wormhole into geostationary orbit, allowing the Hive to invade Fundament's moons and the Ammonite civilization that dwelled there.[7] [8] The Hive eventually exterminated the Ammonite and slew the Leviathan. Eir and Yul consumed their captor's corpse.[9] After this, the Worm Gods withdrew to the Ascendant Realm and generally left the Hive alone. [10]

Oryx would later seek out and challenge Akka for the knowledge to commune directly with the Darkness. He slew the Worm God, but after being marooned in the Deep by his sisters, he was forced to contend with Akka's wrathful corpse as he fought his way out.[10][11] At some point Oryx recovered a fragment of Akka's shell and used it to craft his Dreadnaught.[12]

A long-standing Vex incursion in Oryx's throne world eventually drew the attention of the Worm Gods. Eir commanded him to "SET YOUR HOUSE IN ORDER". [13]

Worm Gods


  • The Worms have very similar speech patterns to the Ahamkara. Note the below table.
Worm Text Source Ahamkara Text Source
Reality is a fine flesh, oh general ours. Let us feast of it. Book XII - Out of the Deep Reality is the finest flesh, oh bearer mine. And are you not… hungry? Skull of Dire Ahamkara
It’s dead, but it still speaks to me. It says: listen closely, oh vengeance mine… Book V - Needle and Worm Give me your arm, oh bearer mine. Let me help you fill the world with teeth. Young Ahamkara's Spine


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