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Formless beings made of Arc energy

Notable individuals:

The Fulminator


The Arkborn are a race of sapient Arc-based energy beings. In their natural state, they reside in arks, interstellar conduits that dwarf The Leviathan, which they cannot normally leave. Their exotic biology may suggest a link to the Light, or possibly the Darkness.[1]


Emperor Calus threatened the Arkborn and their interstellar conduits during his exile aboard the Leviathan. One of them, known as The Fulminator, agreed to join him as a Shadow both to keep him away from her people and in exchange for a specially engineered containment suit that would allow her to move freely beyond her ark.[1][2] Her departure outraged the rest of the Arkborn.[3]

Notable Members[edit]


  • Their description bears resemblance to the stormjoys of Fundament.
  • The name "Arkborn" may contain a double meaning: the Arkborn inhabit and travel among structures called Arks, rendering them "Ark-borne", and are also made of Arc energy, thus they may be said to be "Arc-born."

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