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A Pouka allied with Elizabeth Bray

Poukas[1] are small airborne fish-like entities native to the Neptunian city of Neomuna.


Pouka seem to be primarily composed of a flowing quicksilver-like substance that resembles Neomuni nanotechnology, suggesting that they may be creations of the Neomuni themselves. The nanotechnology contained within Quicksilver Storm identifies Elisabeth Bray's pouka by its species, specifically it being a juvenile, further indicating the Neomuni's familiarity with them.[2].

One ability of Pouka is their capacity to dredge up memories within a being, in an attempt to communicate with them. Elisabeth Bray discovered this capacity after spending time with a Pouka she discovered on a space station. The first word heard within each of the memories brought forth by the Pouka communicated its feelings towards Tokki and Elsie parting ways, but the rest of the memories that came after that first word shook Elsie to the point of crying. It was only after the Pouka brought up memories of the words "concern" and "satisfaction", upon the Pouka trying to comfort her and being accepted, did Elsie realise this capacity of Pouka. Elsie used this capacity of her companion Pouka to probe previous loops she had gone through to understand how she could obtain and control Stasis, so she could teach the power to others, to avoid further Dark Futures.[3]


The origins of the Pouka remain unclear; they appear to be native to Neomuna, and have a close relationship with the people of the city.

Beyond Light[edit]

A Pouka was encountered by Elisabeth Bray on an abandoned space station near Pluto's orbit, and would later accompany her on Europa.[4] Judging from her interactions with it, it does not appear to speak, only make simple cries. It appears to have performed reconnaissance for her, as Eris Morn spotted it hanging around her camp during Season of Arrivals, mistaking it for a Ghost.[5] Drifter, as with all things, appears to distrust the small being, as he and Eris discovered it alone at the Beyond camp on Europa.[6]


During the Guardian's efforts to protect Neomuna and the Veil from the Shadow Legion, they would meditate at a Pouka Pond in order to deepen their connection with Strand.


  • The origin of the word "pouka" may lie in two things. It may either originate from a proto-Slavic word for "moral"[7], or a spirit that brings various fortunes, from Celtic myth and legend.[8]

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