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Herd animal ancestry
Symbiotic relationship with jaw-beasts


The Qugu were an intelligent species whom the Hive destroyed.


The Qugu evolved from herd animals and in the process were infected by a virus that profoundly influenced their society. The virus rewrote the Qugu's genetic code so that they were compelled to ritualistically offer their limbs to be amputated by another species called jaw-beasts. Once the massive, sessile jaw-beasts had consumed Qugu cells, the virus converted the cells into eggs, which would develop and eventually hatch within the jaw-beasts. In turn the jaw-beasts produced a nectar-like substance that the Qugu would consume to experience hallucinogenic visions.[1]

By the time the Hive encountered the Qugu, they had become a spacefaring civilization and traveled on "ark-ships". Savathûn's brood swiftly exterminated the Qugu and their jaw-beasts.[1]

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