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The Ziggurat, with the Pyramid seen on background.[1]
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The Ziggurat is a structure on Europa affiliated with the Pyramids. It was released by the Pyramid on Europa, and self-assembled into a stepped pyramidal structure embedded in the ice. Atop the central platform of the Ziggurat are several Stasis Locks, which are broken by The Guardian using a Splinter of Darkness to unlock the power of Stasis.

According to Clovis Bray I, the Ziggurat (or a similar structure) has been present in the system since the Golden Age, as he used his former staff to create a simulation trial based on a much larger iteration of the Ziggurat.


  • The Ziggurat is a form of tower or temple back in the 3rd millenium BC from ancient Mesopotamian times, which has even inspired the stories of the Tower of Babel in the Bible.

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