Phylaks, the Warrior

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Phylaks, the Warrior
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The Warrior of Darkness







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House of Devils (formerly)
House of Salvation





Phylaks, the Warrior
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House of Salvation





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Empire Hunt: The Warrior


ArcS.png Wire Rifle


Summon Fallen
High Durability
Rapid Movement
KineticS.png Ultra Smash
Immunity Shield
StasisS.png Crystal Wave
Deconstruct Platforms
StasisS.png Stasis Shield (Story)


"All you, now hear: I am Phylaks, the Warrior of Darkness! Life to Riis-reborn! Victory to the Kell of Darkness! Glory to the House Salvation!"
— Phylaks.

Phylaks, the Warrior was a Fallen Baron from the House of Salvation and one of the most trusted lieutenants for Eramis, Kell of Darkness. Born of the House of Devils, Phylaks would rally under the banner of House Salvation to aid in Eramis' campaign following her escape from the Prison of Elders. She was a skilled Stasis wielder and was as lethal as loyal; she stopped at nothing to advance Eramis's cause.


Phylaks was already a leader in the House of Devils at the time of the Battle of the Twilight Gap. She fought alongside Eramis, Kridis and Taniks in their “Final Attempt” assault, causing final deaths for many Guardians. However, the unified Eliksni lost the fight, and she disappeared from the spotlight for many years, though she evaded capture.[1]

When Eramis settled on Europa to form the House of Salvation, Phylaks resurfaced, answering her old friend's call. When she reached the frozen moon, her first action was to charge at Variks, holding him by the throat for his treachery. Eramis calmed her, and explained that they would need a scribe who can hear the words of the Eliksni of the Reef. Kridis agreed, begrudgingly, and let go of the Scribe, before the Council headed to see Riis-Reborn.[2]

When a Pyramid ship arrived on Europa, Phylaks stood alongside Eramis to greet it.[3] As the power of Stasis was granted to her and her Kell, she began wandering in search of Eliksni willing to join their cause, both in person[4], and through broadcasts.[5]

During a demonstration of the power of Stasis held in the main chamber of Riis-Reborn, after communing with the Crux of Darkness therein present, the Council saw The Guardian as they were spying on the gathering. Phylaks immediately chased after them with her troops, forcing the Lightbearer to flee the city in a hurry.[6]

Phylaks continued wandering Europa, until she heard word that her liutenant Elenaks, Salvation Elite had been defeated by the Young Wolf. Impressed by their prowess, she transmitted her location, drawing them to fight her in person. The Guardian battled their way though her forces as Phylaks taunted them over comms, until they met in the depths of the Well of Infinitude. The Warrior brought to bear all her power, weapons and soldiers, but was ultimately defeated by the Guardian, who wielded their own Stasis powers against her.[7]


Phylaks will engage the player with a Wire Rifle, which can hit from long range and deal major damage. She will periodically summon reinforcements to aid her, and will occasionally use her Stasis powers to slam her fists into the ground, sending fourth a wave of Stasis crystals in a straight line. Anyone caught in the path of the slam as it happens will be slowed down and then frozen. When she loses a certain portion of her health, Phylaks will teleport to a different part of the map. Players must quickly follow after her as the part of the arena she was in will dematerialize.

In the story version of the fight, Phylaks will summon a shield of Stasis upon reaching the final portion of her health, which can only be breached with the player's Stasis subclass. A Crux of Darkness will appear near the edge of the platform, allowing for communion with it and providing its powers.




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