The Europan Pyramid

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The Europan Pyramid
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"This is what I've brought you here to see."
— The Exo Stranger to Eris Morn and The Drifter.[1]

The Europan Pyramid is a Pyramid of the Black Fleet currently hovering over the icy wastes of Europa. It arrived at the moon during the second arrival of the Black Fleet in the Sol System, from where it would offer the secrets to unlocking Stasis.

Overview and layout[edit]

Like all Pyramids, the Europan Pyramid's outer hull is made up of segmented panels composed of a black, rock-like material resembling chiseled obsidian. Unlike the Lunar Pyramid encountered before it, the Europan Pyramid's hull is lit by orange lights, indicating that the ship is active.

During the Young Wolf's second incursion into the Pyramid, many artifacts could be seen that have not yet been found in other Pyramids. Most notable among these were many statues made of what appeared to be colored stone, most or all of which appeared to be half-completed. These statues vaguely resemble either humanoid or equine figures, but it is unclear what, if anything, they represent.


Beyond Light[edit]

This Pyramid was discovered silently hovering over Europa's surface at some point following the arrival of its brethren months before. Prior to the Guardian's arrival to Europa, the Eliksni under House Salvation would discover Stasis after discovering the secrets from the Lunar Pyramid. The Guardian would venture to Europa under instructions of the Witness back on the Ionian Pyramid before Io's disappearance.

While assisting Variks on reactivating the communications array, the Witness reaches out to the Guardian again, this time through a Crux of Darkness, inviting them to follow it to the Europan Pyramid. The Pyramid would project a Ziggurat after The Drifter, Eris Morn, and the Exo Stranger clears out a band of House Salvation soldiers sent by Eramis, anticipating the Guardian's arrival.

The Ziggurat projected by the Europan Pyramid would be used to allow the Guardian to understand and eventually wield Stasis powers against the Barons of House Salvation. The Guardian would acquire the first Splinter of Darkness from the Exo Stranger and deliver it to the Ziggurat. The Guardian would return to the Ziggurat time and again after receiving the second and third Splinter of Darkness from Phylaks and Praksis, respectively.

The Europan Pyramid would assist the Guardian in defeating Eramis by freezing her in Stasis matter, allowing them to receive the final Splinter of Darkness. Once the Guardian returns to the Ziggurat for the last time, the Europan Pyramid allows them entry inside through teleportation. The Guardian would then commune with the veiled statue inside the Pyramid, which allows them to wield Stasis outside of Europa and gain mastery of it by assisting the Exo Stranger in her quest to unlock research notes left encrypted by her grandfather, Clovis Bray I, through new aspects, fragments, and other Stasis grenade types.

The Witch Queen[edit]

In "The Communion", the Young Wolf re-enters the Pyramid in order to further their Deepsight ability. After they approach the Pyramid, their Ghost intercepts a message from Empress Caiatl, stating that Cabal "defectors" march upon the Europan Pyramid, looking for "trinkets of Darkness". After defeating Cabal ground units and entering the Pyramid, they notice that the Cabal have already established a foothold in the Pyramid and have set up signal jammers that are disrupting the Pyramid's movement. Later, they commune with the Darkness statue after defeating Valus Dralgur, the Exiled, furthering the Guardian's deepsight abilities and letting them access memories of Savathûn tied to Sagira's shell.



  • The Europa Pyramid is the sixth known Pyramid to be uncovered by the Guardians.
  • The Europa Pyramid is the first time that we see a Pyramid in its full majesty, in other instances the Pyramids have either been partially obscured by cloud or shrouded in shadow.
  • The interior lights are different from the Lunar Pyramid. The statue room has bright green lights affixed to the ceiling, the stairway has blue lights, and the first room has orange lights. The Lunar Pyramid's lights are exclusively red and blue, suggesting that while each of these Pyramids have similar interior layouts, they can have different colored light fixtures.

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