Splinter of Darkness

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A Splinter of Darkness
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Splinters of Darkness are Pyramid artifacts that grant the user the ability to wield Stasis, an affiliated element of the Darkness. They are the creation of the Witness; distributed on the moon of Europa to those that have answered its messages during the Arrival of the Black Fleet. Originating from the Europan Pyramid, they are mass produced by Cruxes of Darkness.

During the War of Salvation, they would be used extensively by the Fallen of the House of Salvation, a newly-formed Fallen House under the banner of Eramis, Kell of Darkness; whom had rallied the Elkisni to receive the Witness' gifts and harvested splinters using Fallen Drone technology developed by Praksis, the Technocrat. While the Fallen sought to wield Stasis with the goal of waging war on the Traveler and Humanity, a defected Variks, the Loyal stole a splinter from Eramis, which was quickly retrieved by the Exo Stranger and given to the Guardian. They would use their splinter to train extensively in wielding Stasis before confronting Eramis in person, who would crush the stolen splinter with her claw. After her defeat, the splinters that she wielded would malfunction, encasing her in a Stasis prison for more than a year.