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About me

Not much of a gamer but definitely a notorious lore nerd, what pulled me into Destiny was the insane amount of things-outside-of-gameplay not even connected to the main plot. It made me feel like hunting for easter eggs in The Sims again.

I'm a somewhat-adult somewhat-writer and journalist, and I have this odd impulse of diving way too deep into anything that interests me, so Destiny lore has been like a drug to me. I'm terrible at actually playing this game, though. Hobbies & interests

My biggest hobby is singing, definitely, with writing coming up close second. Lately took up cross-stitching shitposts and putting up way too long lore essays on my tumblr. And oh I write fanfiction too.


My Discord is seventhscorpio#7539. I'm mostly active on my tumblr @flowers-of-io and AO3 @Ryelle, come check out my sad/dumb fics full of way too long sentences and unhealthy Hive obsession!


My wiki children here are definitely the weapon foundries and assigning weapons to their respective foundries, the Legendary ships and Legendary sparrows templates, and stuff concerning the Pit of Heresy and Inquisition of the Damned cast. I love categorising things, and I'm so proud of my hunt for Jumpship classes and assigning all those ships to their classes. I'm angry there are still several clearly defined classes/types of ships that don't yet have an official name, so I can't make a separate category for them. It's so frustrating! >.<