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"I don't have time to explain why I don't have time to explain."
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Gambit is a game mode in Destiny 2, introduced in the Forsaken expansion.

The mode is a combination of PvE and PvP, featuring two teams of four Guardians each. Players compete to kill enemies and then kill each other. Each team has an energy bank and compete to fill up that bank with motes of Darkness.[1] Up to fifteen motes can be held at a time. When the bank is full (75 motes), a team will be able to summon a Primeval, a powerful Taken [2] and invade the other team.[1] At 25 and 50 motes, a portal will open up which allows one player to invade the other team's area.[2]

The Drifter is the Gambit vendor.

List of Maps[edit]

Destiny 2[edit]

Map Location Expansion PlayStation Exclusive Destiny Reprisal
Emerald Coast European Dead Zone, Earth Forsaken No Original
Legion's Folly Arcadian Valley, Nessus Forsaken No Original
Kell's Grave Tangled Shore, Reef Forsaken No Original
Cathedral of Scars Dreaming City, Reef Forsaken No Original
Deep Six Titan, Moon of Saturn Joker's Wild No Original
New Arcadia Hellas Basin, Mars Joker's Wild No Original

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