Cathedral of Scars

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Cathedral of Scars
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Destiny 2


Dreaming City, The Vestian Web

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Cathedral of Scars was a Gambit map located in the Dreaming City. It was unlocked following the World's First completion of the Last Wish raid. It would later be vaulted with the launch of Beyond Light. However, the map would return following the launch of The Final Shape.


The map uses assets associated with the Dreaming City, such as marble structures and white-barked trees. The players start in an Antechamber as the spawn location, and move to the Lobby, outside of which the bank is located. The three sub-locations are Caves (left), Garden (right) and Island (center). Players can jump between the Caves and Garden areas using teleportation gates in those areas.

The Caves[edit]

"Enemies appearing in the Caves!"
The Drifter

The Caves can be found to the left of the initial spawn. It consists of your average Dreaming City cave structure, with some platforms providing slight elevation changes. There exists a teleportation gate on the lowest floor, towards the Island, which takes you to the Garden.

The Garden[edit]

"Enemies at the Garden!"
The Drifter

The Garden area exists to the right of the initial spawn. It has a more open-air area than the Caves, with some platforms providing sightlines across almost the entire map. Many trees and low Awoken walls provide cover in the area from both invaders and the incessant waves of enemies. A teleportation gate leading to the Caves exists on the lower level, toward the Island.

The Island[edit]

"Vex at the Island!"
The Drifter

The Island is the area north of the initial spawn. To reach this area, Guardians have to jump up towards it, as it exists on a higher elevation than anywhere else in the map. Enemies can become rather concentrated in this area, as they tend to clump together in the back of the Island. A large Awoken statue dominates the area, with smaller pieces of architecture lying broken around it.


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