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Enemy Factions:

Blood of Oryx (Rise of Iron)
Devil Splicers (Rise of Iron)
House of Devils (Rise of Iron)

Connecting Areas:

Splicership Menkis-Syn (Rise of Iron)
The Breach

Area Type:


Public Events:


Patrol Beacons:



Gateway, also designated Cosmodrome in Rise of Iron, is a location in Old Russia, Earth. It was only accessible upon first starting a new character until patch 1.2.0, when it was reopened for Patrol. In Plaguelands Patrol, the area can only be unlocked with a Splicer Intel Relay. The area is also part of the first and last steps of the Khvostov 7G-0X questline, as well the location for a mission in the House of Wolves storyline.

Points of Interest[edit]


A Dead Ghost is hidden on the right side of a narrow catwalk above the Cosmodrome wall's submerged vehicle entrance, just below the windows. The Ghost is behind one of the shattered panes.

Rise of Iron[edit]

A Dead Ghost and a Dormant SIVA Cluster can be found the area. The Ghost is within a car on the hill where the player's character was originally revived, while the SIVA Cluster is hidden on a metal beam above the snow-packed vehicle entrance into the Cosmodrome wall.

Aside from the snow cover, the most change in the area added by Rise of Iron is the presence of a Fallen Ketch, Splicership Menkis-Syn. While the Ketch can be boarded, only the outer entrance bay is accessible. The ship's interior consists of a separate area from Gateway that is currently sealed off. A Pilot Servitor occasionally lurks in the middle of the entrance bay. It can be killed to obtain loot, and behind it, there is a chest that can grant extra rewards. Alternatively, there may also be a swarm of Thrall infesting the ship and can be seen feeding on the bodies of dead Fallen.


When looking away from the wall, a suspension bridge or elevated section of highway can be seen in the distance. To the left of this structure is the skyline of an unknown city. The city is easier to spot in the background during the day than at night.

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