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Basic information
Real name

Stewart Randall


St. Paul


St. Paul


May 19th, 1999


Package handler @ FedEx


Personal Discord- Clan Discord-

Places I've lived

St. Paul, MN Grant, MN Waukesha, WI Baltimore, ML


Great River School, Saint Paul College

About me

Veteran Destiny player who enjoys all things PvE, especially raids. I have over 1200 raid completions over 2 platforms, and I have exclusively played on PC since 2018. I am also an aspiring speedrunner, and have gotten ranked up to the top 100 fastest players.

Xbox gamertag
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Edited the page Warmind (expansion)
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Edited the page Curse of Osiris
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Edited the page Curse of Osiris
"Added all mission descriptions"
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"Updated perk description and acquisition costs"
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Personal information

Electronic, rock/pop, and a little rap.

Video games

Destiny, Destiny 2, Battlefield 1, Forza Horizon series, Overwatch, Fortnite, Warframe.


Motor Trend, Car Magazine, Car And Driver, Road And Track.


Pizza, hamburgers, turkey clubs, ribs, ice cream, donuts, chicken, beef, bread, etc.


Good drinks

Destiny tidbits
Favorite Destiny moment

2 exotics, 1 Three of Coins and getting a challenge mode raid sherpa from world record speed-runners, 4 IKELOS SMGs in a row, 3 DFAs in a week, Hitting my first team wipe and Slayer (5 consecutive kills).

Worst Destiny moment

Squeaker rage.

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I can port it in there, no problem. Once that's done, go right on ahead with editing.


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