Destiny Grimoire Anthology

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The Destiny Grimoire Anthology is a series of hardcover books containing Grimoire material in printed form. They were released by Bungie under a partnership with Blizzard Entertainment and published by PGW Ingram.

The first volume was released on November 28, 2018 with the subtitle of Dark Mirror and consisted of entries of the Hive. The second volume released on November 28, 2019 with the subtitle of Fallen Kingdoms and focused on the Fallen. The third volume was delayed and released on December 21, 2020, subtitled War Machines, and explored the backstory of Exos and Rasputin. The fourth volume released on November 16, 2021 with the subtitle of The Royal Will, and was centered around Mara Sov and Oryx, the Taken King. The fifth volume is set to be released on March 14, 2023 with the subtitle Legions Adrift, and will consist of entries focusing on the Cabal.

The books also contain new Lore entries and artwork created by artist Piotr Jabłoński.

Anthology editions[edit]