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Destiny Strategy Guide




BradyGames (subsidy of Dorling Kindersley)

Publication date:

September 9, 2014


400 pages (Standard & Collector's Editions)


978-0744015621 (Standard Edition), 978-0744015638, (Collector's Edition)


The Destiny Strategy Guide is the official strategy game guide for Destiny. It was released alongside the game on September 9, 2014. It is readily available in two forms: a standard edition and a collector's edition.[1][2]

Book contents[edit]

NOTE: The contents of the book may vary according to the type of edition.

  • Full coverage for each and every Story and Strike Mission.
  • The Field Manual for tips and tricks for Guardians, subclasses, vehicles and weapons.
  • The Armory provides full knowledge of weapons and mods.
  • Coverage for the Multiplayer Crucible component.
  • A Codex of enemies encountered throughout the game.


  • The book has a constant spelling error as the word "weak" is misspelled as "wzeak".
  • Subsequent patches and expansions to Destiny have made much of the book's information obsolete.



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