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This article is about the Eliskni Scribe of House Light. For the former Queen's Wrath, see Sjur Eido.
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Eido is an Eliksni Scribe of the House of Light and the adopted daughter of Mithrax, Kell of Light.


Eido was found inside a ventilation shaft of a House of Devils skiff as Misraaks—then a Vandal—was clearing the battlefield alongside Sjur Eido and other Awoken. She was newly hatched, still covered in egg-molt. Misraaks freed her from the shaft and took her in.[2]

Sometime later, the Guardian found a tattered note covered in Awoken script and took it to Petra Venj for decryption.[3] From it, they learned about a rocket launcher hidden somewhere for a "daughter of Light" to find[1] upon completing a set of trials, one of which would be "fighting alongside the chosen".[4] The Awoken script and references to Light pointed at Mithrax being the author of these notes.

Mithrax pushed a young Eido to train as a Sacred Splicer, using the light through the Splicer gauntlet to break into the Vex Network. Yet she never found the same affiliation that her father did and eventually went to train to become a scribe under the tutelage of the Awoken Techeuns.

The Endless Night[edit]

During the Endless Night, Eido journeyed with her father and other Fallen refugees of House Light, to the newly founded Eliksni Quarter of the Last City. There—under the safety of the Traveler—Eido served as a scribe of House Light, documenting its history as well as recounting the history of the Fallen to the Guardian as they explored the district.

Season of Plunder[edit]

During Season of Plunder, Eido takes on a support role in the fight against Eramis, Kell of Darkness. Her expertise and interest in old technology and knowledge proves to be invaluable as she researches the artifacts that The Guardian plunders from the Old Crews. Additionally she tries to reason with Eramis, believing she isn't beyond convincing. Going against the will of her father she tries to meet with the Kell of Darkness in secret, The Guardian and Mithrax intercept her transmission and arrive in time for the meeting. Mithrax is forced to tell Eido the truth of his past during the meeting and further alienates his daughter in her misunderstanding.

Season of the Seraph[edit]

At the end of the Season of the Seraph as Eramis plans to use the Warsat network to fire upon the Traveller, Eido is with her father in the Eliksni Quarter as they watch the Traveller leave the Earth's orbit.

Personality and Traits[edit]

In a similar vein to her father, Eido appears hopeful of a new and better future for the Eliksni, showing disapproval at the current behavior of the Fallen houses. Further, Eido wishes to make peace between the Eliksni and Humanity, believing that they can coexist under the Traveler in the Last City. Unfortunately she is aware that such ideas are not popular, understanding that some scars and fears take time to recover from. As a scribe, Eido values her people's history and traditions, carefully preserving them and hoping future generations will learn from these lessons. Eido begins to show a measure of doubt after a mob, motivated by fear, ransack her people's camp in the Last City, wondering if it was right to bring their people here. Her resolve, nonetheless, remains strong as she understands the attack was done out of fear rather than malice. As such, she refuses to retaliate in turn.

As the daughter of Mithrax, Eido respects and cares deeply for her father, believing in his vision and leadership which could lead their people into a better tomorrow. Likewise, Mithrax values her advice and wisdom. He even remarks that she is "too wise for her own good". Eido does have trouble understanding complex expressions of human phrases and figures of speech, often taking them too literally.

During the Season of Plunder, Eido is shown to be a deeply intelligent and adventurous person albeit a bit shy and reserved in her tactics. Unlike the Drifter, Eido prefers to avoid direct confrontation and instead suggests tactical retreats and avoidance of enemies. She can be naïve but willing to learn and is shown to be becoming more aggressive and forward during the events of the season. Most notably, Eido is rather idealistic in wanting to better the lives of her people and reclaiming lost relics for her research. As a result, she disapproves of the Spider's more "entrepreneurial" nature as he tries to profit from their mission. Being the scribe to the House of Light, Eido takes great delight in learning all she can, whether it be something from her house's allies or that of her people and would be all too happy to inform others of her people's history. Eido has also shown that the Eliksni should have faith in the Light rather than in the Traveler itself, given it's history of abandoning civilizations and recently giving the Lucent Brood ghosts. At the same time, she heavily disproves of secrecy, wishing to learn all aspects of history, even if the truth is something she may not understand.

Later on, Mithrax would state that while Eido is curious and brave, she is ignorant of the more brutal aspects of the world, including the violence the Eliksni have committed. Her curiosity would be showcased in her efforts to learn the truth of her father's past, claiming it necessary to record the House of Light's past, even if it is against her father's wishes. This also shows Eido has a rebellious side, willing to defy or go around her father's back if it means to learn the truth and help the Guardian's efforts. Ultimately, though Eido may have had the best of intentions, her desire for the truth regarding her father's past and her belief that Eramis would see reason, drives a wedge in her relationship with Mithrax. Hearing the truth of her father's more brutal pirate past and that he had actually known what the relics were, deeply wounded her. Though she would maintain her commitment to the House of Light and its alliance with the Guardians, she became more curt and angry in her tone, especially towards her father.


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  • Hello! My name is Eido. My father is Misraaks, Kell of our House. I took my name from his first Awoken friend, Sjur Eido. As Scribe for the House of Light, it's my job to preserve our House's history, so that hatchlings may one day learn our stories. Misraakskel requested that I leave some records for the Humans of the Last City so they might learn about Eliksni culture in their own time.


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