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"We thank you, Guardian. And we will never forget."
— The Speaker[1]

Age of Triumph is a live event released Destiny as part of the Rise of Iron expansion on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles. It delivered content on a similar scale to the April Update during The Taken King expansion. Bungie hosted a series of streams to present some of the new content coming to the game throughout March[2] until the 22nd.[3] The update itself was released on the 28th.[4]


"For three years, Guardians have fought the Darkness. They have defended the City and everything it stands for. And hope, once lost, has sprung up in every heart. Now the City celebrates its Guardians and all they have done."
— Event Description[5]

Age of Triumph is the final content update to be released for Destiny, being the finale to Guardians' adventures before Destiny 2 is released later in September 2017. As with The Dawning, the content featured in this event will remain permanently in the game once it went live,[3] with the exception of Sparrow Racing League, which will not be making a return to Destiny. There will not be an increase in the maximum Light level that Guardians can achieve,[4] but there will be additional loot and PvE content added into the game,[4] including updated Raid rewards.[4]

There will also be a 13-page Record Book to keep track of your Guardian's achievements and to commemorate your legacy throughout the last three years. Players that have played Destiny since the first three months of the game's release will be awarded with an exclusive emblem that celebrates their dedication, as well as receiving a code for redeeming a t-shirt with your Guardians Gamertag/PSN ID on it upon reaching rank seven in the Age of Triumph record book.[4]

Story Missions[edit]

A weekly Story mission playlist will be available with a recommended Light level of 380. It will feature up 3 modifiers at once. Guardians will earn Legendary Marks for up to 5 times a week and a Treasure of Ages for up to once a week.



"The Light flows through you, Guardian. Seize it. Feel its power. Unleash it on the minions of the Darkness. They will fall."
— The Speaker[6]

Once a month, the Weekly Nightfall Strike playlist will feature a new modifier by the name of Daybreak, which will drastically increase the recharge rate of grenade, melee, and Super abilities similar to the Mayhem Crucible modifier. The recommended Light level for this playlist will remain at 380. There were a few reinvented versions of some strikes such as The Nexus, The Shadow Thief, and The Summoning Pits, which include new mechanics, textures and rewards. There were no new strikes added into the game with Age of Triumph.


"The greatest champions of the Darkness have stood against you and been defeated. Face them once more. Teach them fear. Atheon. Crota. Oryx. Aksis."
— The Speaker[7]

All four Raids will have a brand-new node featuring a Light level increase to 390, and there will be new challenge modes as well as a chance to earn additional loot, as well as exclusive emblems that drop once players complete the challenges. There is still much to learn about what kinds of new loot will be available once the event goes live,[4] but there have been confirmations in relation to the return of primary weapon elemental burns (They will be separate weapons from their legendary counterparts, but have the same perks as them), weapons from Year 1 being brought up to relevant Light levels, and so on. In addition, a weekly featured Raid playlist will be available. When a raid has been selected for the playlist, the Heroic modifier and all raid challenge modes will be activated and players will be able to earn exclusive ornaments for Raid gear that can be applied to any piece of raid gear from any hard mode (380 or 390) version of any raid. Raid ornaments dropped from Crota's End can be put on Vault of Glass gear, and so on. There is an entire section dedicated to keeping track of your raid achievements as well so that players can know what they should do next.


Besides the new raid modes, there will also be a weekly Challenge of the Elders playlist available with a recommended Light level of 390. An Elders' Sigil is still required to participate in this activity, which can be acquired in The Reef from Variks, The Loyal. Guardians will be awarded Legendary Marks for up 3 times a week and a Legendary Engram for up to once a week.


"The Light gives us strength. Test that strength, and you will find it has no limits."
— The Speaker

There will be some balancing changes coming out with the Age of Triumph having to do with the concerns surrounding special ammo changes that went live in patch, including that ammo for special weapons now drops directly into the magazine like heavy ammo, the flinch on the No Land Beyond will be increased, range drop-off on Hand Cannons will be furthered by another 3 meters sooner, and that the Memory of Skorri now requires a kill to activate the super fast-charge, and only lasts for one minute at a time before resetting if the player using it doesn't keep getting kills. The change affects both PvE and PvP.


There will be some new Weapons and Armor coming out with the new event, most of which will be related to the new, revamped versions of Raids,[4] and they'll drop up at 390 and up to the Light-level cap.[4] Some of these weapons have two versions: Legendary and Exotic. The exotic versions of the weapons Fatebringer, Abyss Defiant and the Fang of Ir Yût are some of the new weapons being re-introduced into the ecosystem, among others. Other exotics such as the Vex Mythoclast are also being made available to earn once again through the new raid modes, including earning adept weapons with elemental burns applied from completing raid challenge modes. Only the adept versions of the new raid weapons will come with elemental damage burns, and the Legendary versions will remain kinetic. The new armor that will drop from the new raids will also be raised to relevant light levels, and will come with slots for optional ornaments to be applied. The ornaments only drop after completing the challenge modes to a particular encounter. the last notable section of the new loot pool are the new emblems that drop from completing raid challenge modes in the 390 versions. These can also be used to complete one section of the new Age of Triumph record book if a player acquires a certain number of them.


  • The new Age of Triumph record book will have one page dedicated to each class, as well as pages for each of the new raids, the Trials of Osiris, collecting weapons, armor cosmetics, etc,. Completing the book (reaching rank 7) will reward players with a code for a shirt emblazoned with the logo for the Age of Triumph on it, with the Gamertag/PSN ID of your Guardian on it as well as an optional extra for no charge. The shirt requires that players complete their record book by September 1st and costs $24.99 + tax and shipping.
  • Players who first played Destiny within the first three months of launch (September through December 2014) will receive a special emblem to commemorate their status and cement bragging rights.
  • There are challenge modes for every raid boss in Destiny, meaning that there are over 10 different raid challenge emblems to collect.
  • Bungie's raid developers have said in the Age of Triumph live streams that the challenge mode for Atheon, Time's Conflux is the toughest one they've ever made.