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This article is about 3-player activity. For Crucible Map, see The Dungeons.

Dungeons are an endgame activity playable by up to three players.


Dungeons are Raid-like activities that feature unique mechanics and bosses throughout. They are longer than Raid Lairs, but remain shorter than proper Raids, and can take less than an hour with a sufficiently coordinated fireteam. The first Dungeon, The Shattered Throne, debuted in Forsaken and was made available as an always accessible activity in Shadowkeep.

List of Dungeons[edit]

Dungeon Power Level At Release Location Expansion Bosses
The Shattered Throne 570 Eleusinia, Ascendant Realm Forsaken Labyrinth Architects
Asterion, Set Apart
Vorgeth, the Boundless Hunger
Dûl Incaru, the Eternal Return
Pit of Heresy 940 Necropolis, The Pit, Cradle of Damnation, The Moon Shadowkeep Zulmak, Instrument of Torment
Prophecy 1040 Heaven/Hell, Unknown Space Season of Arrivals (Shadowkeep) Phalanx Echo
Kell Echo
Grasp of Avarice 1310 Skywatch, Cosmodrome 30th Anniversary Pack (Beyond Light) Phry'zhia, the Insatiable
Fallen Shield
Captain Avarokk, the Covetous
Duality 1550 Derelict Leviathan, The Moon Season of the Haunted (The Witch Queen) Nightmare of Gahlran, Sorrow Bearer
Nightmare of Emonut, Sworn of Moli Imoli
Nightmare of Ka'hok, Sworn of Umun'arath
Nightmare of Uroa, Sworn of Shayotet
Nightmare of Caiatl, Princess-Imperial
Spire of the Watcher 1570 Ares Spire, Mars Season of the Seraph (The Witch Queen) Akelous, the Siren's Current
Persys, Primordial Ruin
Ghosts of the Deep 1790 New Pacific Arcology, Titan Season of the Deep (Lightfall) Ecthar, Shield of Savathun
Šimmumah ur-Nokru, Lucent Necromancer
Warlord's Ruin 1790 Windswept Crag, European Dead Zone Season of the Wish (Lightfall) Rathil, First Broken Knight of Fikrul
Locus of Wailing Grief
Hefnd's Vengeance, Blighted Chimaera

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