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Unknown Space

Hostile races:

The Nine's Taken

Connecting areas:



Heaven/Hell is a location within Unknown Space. It was crafted by The Nine within The Haul they gave to the Drifter, and is the main setting of the Prophecy Dungeon. The initial area consists of a large circular underground corridor, with sections closed off by debris or doors locked by Motes of Light and Dark. Navigating this sections brings one to a hemisphere suspended over an abyss, where the Nine placed the Phalanx Echo as their first challenge.

After defeating the Phalanx, one can enter a lift to be transported to a desertic bleached wasteland, teeming with Taken. Within this wastelands are several landmarks that resemble the planets that were about to be taken by the arrival of the Black Fleet. From this desert, one can reach the Hexahedron, and solving it opens the path to the Singularity.


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