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IX Realms, Unknown Space


Defeat the Kell Echo

Enter the realm of the Nine and ask the question: "What is the nature of the Darkness?"

Prophecy is a Dungeon that was introduced with the Season of Arrivals and was released on the 9th of June 2020. It requires Guardians to enter a realm not bound to causality, fight through a ferocious horde of simulated Taken, and defeat the Kell Echo that commands them in the hopes of seeking an audience with and an answer to the question of the intent and nature of the Darkness from the Nine.




This encounter is the easiest encounter due to the lack of a Darkness Zone, though the respawn timer is extremely long, so be sure to revive your teammates quickly. This encounter introduces the players to the recurring gameplay mechanic throughout the Dungeon. After entering the fragment of the Nine's realm, players will see two founts at the end of the tunnel (one of Light and one of Darkness). These founts are prominent throughout the Dungeon and must be dispersed in order to progress. To do so, players must gather motes from Knight Echoes scattered across the tunnels and bring them to each fount.

In order to get the different types of motes, players should situate themselves in the appropriate areas in order to get the same class of motes (stand in areas that are bright and kill the Knight Echoes for Light Motes and stand in areas that are dark and kill the Knights for Dark Motes). Note that collecting a different class of mote will replace the motes the player has with the new class of them. After collecting a total of five motes, players will lose their ability to shoot and can be seen carrying a massive version of the mote they were originally carrying. The players should take them to their respective founts (Light motes to light and Dark motes to dark) and then activate their "fire" button to trigger a blast that will disperse the fount. Once the two founts are dispersed, the door will open, revealing another set of pillars and another locked door, where players must repeat the process of positioning themselves in light or dark areas to kill the Knight Echoes, pick up their motes, and disperse the founts.

After disposing of the two pairs of founts in the tunnels, the players should then find themselves an exit, as well as their temporary nemesis throughout the Dungeon, the Kell Echo. After pursuing the spectral visage of the Fallen Kell through the shattered ruins of the realm's tunnels, the Echo will vanish, leaving players on a half-spherical platform with two pairs of founts and a Taken probe in the center. Here, the Phalanx Echo encounter begins once the probe is approached.

Phalanx Echo[edit]

After approaching the probe, the Phalanx Echo will spawn along with its reinforcements: two squads of Taken Psions and a pair of Knight Echoes. Like other Taken Phalanxes, the Phalanx Echo will lay into its opponents with its Taken Slug Rifle while approaching them for a powerful blast from its shield (unlike other boss Taken Phalanxes, however, it doesn't have the ability to cast the tether orb). Another thing to note is the immunity shield protecting it; players must dispose of it in order to get to a damage phase on the unit itself.

Like the previous encounter, this one pivots on the use of Light/Dark motes and their founts. Players should eliminate any troublesome Taken Psions, evade the Phalanx Echo, and position themselves in the required spots and kill the Knight Echoes and secure their Motes. Once all founts are dispersed, players should be free to damage the Phalanx Echo itself for fifty seconds. During this, the Echo will spawn a pair of Ravenous Taken Goblins to protect it during this phase, so they should be eliminated quickly when given the chance. After the fifty seconds are over, the Phalanx Echo's shield will return. Repeat the earlier process as many times as needed until the Echo dies.

The encounter ends once the Echo is destroyed, opening the way to the next encounter, and providing the players their respective loot before moving on. After meeting up in the center the players will then "sink" into the next encounter, where they will be dropped into the Wasteland.


The Wastelands

This transition encounter requires players to peruse a desolate wasteland dotted with fragments of worlds throughout the Solar System to search for a trio of Blights and destroy them. Although reasonably straightforward for a transition encounter, players should also keep their eyes out for patrolling Ultra Taken Minotaurs who can easily smash a player's Sparrow and kill them. Regardless, this encounter is relatively easy with the abundance of cover with the dunes.

After dispersing one of the clusters of Blight, a Taken probe will appear and dash towards the next cluster. After following the probe and destroying the trio of Blights and the squads protecting them, the players should see a pop-up text saying "The Way is Open", telling the players that the next encounter is now accessible. After following the probe one last time, players will find themselves in a narrow violet pathway before finally finding themselves trapped in a strange structure and the next encounter, the Hexahedron.

The Hexahedron[edit]


After approaching the probe, the encounter should begin, revealing a pop-up text saying "The Realm responds to your Actions", spawning a fount on each side of the room, two squads of Taken Acolytes, at least two Ravenous Taken Hobgoblins, and two Knight Echoes. Like all previous encounters, this one pivots on the use of the founts and the Knights' motes. To progress, players should look around the walls of the room and scan for the probe. The probe indicates the spot players should rotate to next.

After gathering enough Motes, the players must disperse the correct fount (the one that the probe is floating above) and the center of the room will glow. After this, players are recommended to kill all units in the room and gather within the circle, where they will be lifted into the air and the cube in the middle of the structure should rotate them towards the direction of the dispersed fount. Players must search for the probe and pursue it again. Note that if the probe appears on the ceiling, players have to rotate the Hexahedron twice in order to reach it, so it is worth knowing there is no penalties apart from lost time for going the wrong direction.

After pursuing the probe for long enough, the Guardians will find themselves in the portion of the wall with four platforms at each corner of the room, two from which two Centurion Echoes will emerge. After the pair of simulated Centurions are killed, the encounter will end, revealing the exit and providing the players their rewards.

After exiting the Hexahedron, the Guardians will then find themselves in the Wasteland, once again, face-to-face with the Kell Echo, who will begin to retreat to the next area, a gateway housing a portal to an expansive void harboring numerous octahedrons, with a road leading to a larger one decorated with felt. Here is the Deadsea, a massive expanse and race to the Kell Echo, as well as the next encounter to the Dungeon.



The most straightforward encounter in the Dungeon (perhaps quite literally), the Deadsea encounter has Guardians racing down a fabric-like road to the massive octahedron structure at the end.

However, due to the presence and abundance of Taken Vandals and Ravenous Taken Knights, the Deadsea can be a bit of a challenge for those who aren't utilizing 160 speed Sparrows and aren't utilizing their strafe ability frequently. Also present on this "racetrack" are a few hazards such as crossing (which shouldn't be a problem) and twisting roads, which will throw off players if they aren't vigilant enough or can't find another platform in time. Nevertheless, players shouldn't find a problem in this encounter and finally reach the massive octahedron, where they should be pulled into it.

After disposing of the relatively easy squad of Taken Thralls, the Guardians should find themselves within a tetrahedral room and, once again, facing a Taken Probe.

Kell Echo[edit]

After a final approach with the Taken Probe, the Guardians' nemesis, the Kell Echo, reveals itself and begins to engage its assailants, along with two squads of Taken Psions and two Knight Echoes.

On all three sides of the room, a copy of the Kell Echo will stand in front of one of the paracausal founts. Like all other previous encounters, players should, once again, neutralize any frustrating add, position themselves out of harm's way and kill a Knight Echo for their motes. After acquiring a total of five motes and dispersing the correct pillar of energy, the clone should attempt to escape to the center of the room, removing one threat from the room and giving the players a step closer to a damage phase. However, once the copy of the Echo flees, a Devoured Ogre will spawn and begin to rapidly assail the Guardians, so it should be quickly disposed of before it proves to be too much of a threat.

Once all three copies are forced to retreat and all adds are killed (a recommendation before moving on), players should meet in the center triangle in the room, where they will be pulled into the floor and brought through a strange tube before finally finding themselves within a massive fragmented hallway from where the Kell Echo should be seen directly ahead.

Here, the Kell Echo brings two new mechanics to the table. One is a protective field surrounding the Echo that prevents players from suffering the effects of Dark Entropy, which instantly kills a player once it stacks up to 10. The other feature is a modified Darkness Bolt ability that, instead of blinding normally, teleports players a few platforms back from the carnage while exposing them to the Dark Entropy debuff, so it should be avoided at all costs. Death here severely mitigates the damage done to the boss, so Guardians should always be on their toes, staying within the protective aura of the Echo and avoiding its Shrapnel Launcher and its Taken Hobgoblin sniper back-up.

After a while, the Echo will begin to retreat to a platform or two behind it before finally teleporting to the end platform, where it will briefly stay before finally retreating to the tetrahedral arena, thus ending the damage phase. The encounter ends once the Kell Echo itself is neutralized, where players will then be brought before the Emissary, be given the answer on the nature of the Darkness, as well as a reward and powerful gear once the Dungeon is finally complete.


Unique enemies[edit]



  • Prophecy is the second Dungeon to feature the Taken.
  • Prophecy is the first Dungeon to allow players to use their Sparrows.
  • Prophecy is the first Dungeon accessible to all players, including those who don't have Forsaken, Shadowkeep, or even the seasonal pass of the Season of Arrivals.
  • Prior to Season of the Lost, the weapons found in Prophecy were re-issues of Year 1 weapons. With Season of the Lost, however, these were replaced with re-issued versions of Trials of the Nine weapons.

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