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Home of the Guardians, where you can regroup, rearm, and form new alliances before venturing beyond.
The Tower
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The Last City, Earth



Complete A Guardian Rises (Destiny)

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The Tower was a location in the Last City, located along the outer wall. It was the headquarters of the Vanguard, home of the Speaker, and where Guardians returned to report and rest between missions.[1] Guardians could visit vendors, turn in quests, and interact with their fellows in the stronghold.

According to Tyra Karn, at the height of the Last City's militarization and centralization, it was defended by eight total towers manned by Titans. Aside from the Tower and Bannerfall, the others had been repurposed over centuries of conflict.[2]

The Tower was the first target attacked by the Cabal Red Legion during their invasion of the Last City, one year after the SIVA Crisis.[3][4] Guardians stalled the Red Legion troops while civilians were evacuated, but the Speaker went missing. The Tower was subsequently destroyed, and the Guardians were forced to relocate to the Farm.

Following the defeat of Ghaul and liberation of the Last City, the Guardians relocate to a new base on the wall beneath the ruins of the old Tower.


In Destiny, the Tower acts as the main hub for Guardians in between missions or Crucible matches. It is one of four "Social Spaces" available in the game, the others being the Vestian Outpost in the Reef (available in House of Wolves); the Lighthouse, available after going flawless in Trials of Osiris, and the Iron Temple on Felwinter Peak (available in Rise of Iron). At the Tower, Guardians can interact with fellow Guardians, or the many NPCs present.


Characters and Kiosks in the Tower[edit]

Panorama of the Tower

Tower Plaza[edit]

Hall of Guardians[edit]

Tower North[edit]

Tower Hangar[edit]

The hangar

Traveler's Walk[edit]


Dead Ghost locations[edit]

See Dead Ghost for details. The Tower features four Dead Ghosts, one of which can only be obtained when the Traveler's Walk is open.

Tower Intercom quotes[edit]

  • "Announcer: Attention Guardians, attacks on Titans have increased. Please stay in a fireteam to remain safe."
  • "Zavala: Guardians, having a Ghost is no excuse for recreational Tower jumping!"
  • "Announcer: Dead Orbit would like to remind everyone that their pessimistic name does not prevent an optimistic outcome....if we survive."[5]
  • "Announcer: Error., satisfying your mom since 1991! Error."[6]
  • "Cayde-6: Hello, this is Cayde-6 of the Vanguard. I realize this is an abuse of the Tower P.A., but whoever took my sparrow, I will find you. And you'll wear a sign that says you stole... Nevermind, nevermind! It's right here."[7]
  • "Announcer: Robots are not target practice, Guardians."
  • "Announcer: Warning: unauthorized use of a Fist of Havoc reported in the shuttle bay."
  • "Ikora Rey: This is Ikora Rey. The South Tower is off limits because we are still cleaning up last night's... event."
  • "Anouncer: You are a great Guardian, and your mom is a classy lady."
  • "Announcer: Taco says no."[8]
  • "Announcer: Advisory: Blame Stosh"
  • "Announcer: All Titans interested in Commander Zavala's crochet course should speak with a Frame for details."
  • "Anouncer: Guardian Alert: Fallen are the enemy."
  • "Flight Controller: Flight Controller 5530, signing off. I quit."
  • "Zavala: Fireteam "Bad News for the Bad Guys" report in immediately, Zavala out." [9]
  • "Zavala: Will Fireteam.... (sigh) Will Fireteam 'The Bad Guys don't care what we call ourselves' please report to the Vanguard immediately."[10]
  • "Announcer: Recalling bounty on Hive Temple at Ishtar, anticipated probability of success: unacceptable."[11]
  • "Announcer: Despite rumors, Oryx is not moving on the City. I repeat we are in No Danger."
  • "Announcer: Canceling Bounty 3246, anticipated casualties unacceptable."
  • "Ikora Rey: This is Ikora Rey, Tell the Warlock(*distorted*) from my Library to return it... Now!"
  • "Cayde-6: This is Cayde-6 of the Vanguard, High Alert To All Guardians, I need you to stay clear of the Ishtar for the next couple of days. That's Ishtar, stay clear."
  • "Master Rahool: We are pleased to invite all Tower inhabitants to this evening's lecture Archaeology & You: Why the Past Can Kill You."
  • "Cayde-6: Cayde-6 exporting for Executor Hideo. You Know What You Did! Watch Yourself!"
  • "Master Rahool: This is Rahool, Apprentice Asoka return to the Archives at Once! The Package you are carrying contains unexpected nanotech."
  • "Cayde-6: Cayde-6 here, We have a Hunter Team at Ishtar not reporting in, I need Volunteers!"
  • "Announcer: The Amusement Fair is for Recreational use Only."
  • "Cayde-6: Cayde-6 here, I got a reward to post, any sighting of Hunter Anna Law, last seen in the Manhattan Nuclear Zone."
  • "Ikora Rey: Fireteam Bouley, This is Ikora Rey, Do not leave the voice on the Comms."
  • "Announcer: I Love Ponies."
  • "Announcer: There's a ball somewhere around here."
  • "Cayde-6: This is Cayde-6 of the Vanguard, I have a Hunter missing in South Africa and I need him."
  • "Master Rahool: This is Master Rahool, Apprentice Desalnus please return to the Archives at once, your engrams are melting the table!"
  • "Announcer: Future War Cult would like to remind everyone that they are not a cult per se. They are a military-minded collective preparing for the wars of tomorrow so that we will survive today.
  • "Announcer: Blam!"
  • "Master Rahool: Guardians, We are pleased to invite you to Mistress (distorted) lecture in the Atlantic Hall. Hunter, Warlock, Titan: The Triarchy of Incompatibles."
  • "Master Rahool: We are pleased to invite all tower inhabitants to this evening's lecture. A Cryptarchy Divided: The Clear Superiority of the City."
  • "Announcer: It's a thing."
  • "Announcer: Leaned on any Railways lately?"
  • "Announcer: Have you been to the Bittery Zone?"
  • "Announcer: Personal Message from Minister Starline. Please return to Military District, we can't find it, we need it."
  • "Announcer: It's on your Head."
  • "Announcer: Advertisement: Selfish will be woken up by water and look so alive. Not recommended for age under 3."
  • "Announcer: That is not a thing."
  • "Master Rahool: This is Master Rahool, Apprentice Ledley please return to the Archives at once; your thesis is attempting to eat a bookshelf."
  • "Announcer: Inbound Kestral, scans show you have 3 live Cabal on-board. Confirm they are restrained....... Confirm....... CONFIRM........ Lost Contact."
  • "Announcer: Attention! For the Truth, The Whole Truth and Nothing But The Truth, please visit"
  • "Announcer: Attention! Be on the lookout for a Guardian in a Gorilla costume. Approach with Caution."


  • Players can interact with two different balls that can be found in the Tower Watch. The first is a soccer ball and behaves like one when kicked. The second is a larger purple ball that can be kicked much higher, but it descends much more slowly. Prior to patch 1.1.2, the purple ball used a low-resolution polyhedral model with a matte texture; after the patch, the purple ball gained a higher-quality model with a metallic texture and also lights up when kicked.
  • There is a secret button on the rafter near the post office. It activates the fan on the roof of the post office, briefly launching any Guardian standing on it into the air.
  • In the lowest part of the hangar, Guardians can find a small lounge with a few NPCs and couches built into a decommissioned cargo ship. Aside from the occasional visit by Xûr, this area originally had no use and could not be interacted with. After patch 1.1.2, a machine in the lounge was updated so that it could be activated to briefly play a random piece of music. Also, included are Cabal Shields, Fallen Shock Rifles and Shrapnel Launchers, and Vex chassis hanging on the wall next to the music player.
  • If one quickly heads to the hangar when they first arrive at the Tower they will see their personal spaceship landing in the hangar.[12]
  • The gyro-like machine seen in the Speaker's chamber is called the Vitalis. Its purpose is unknown. From its name, however, one might infer that it has something to do with monitoring the health or status of the Traveler, whose image it projects.[13]
  • At an early stage of development, the Tower was intended to have specialized gathering places for each of the three Guardian classes so players of the same class could meet up.[14] The lounge in the hangar may have been the Hunter gathering place, as it features banners bearing the Hunter insignia.
  • The large sealed door across from the Speaker's chamber leads to the Tower North Food District. The area was completely inaccessible during Destiny, but Destiny 2 allows players to briefly pass through it during the mission Homecoming. It contains Cayde-6's favorite spicy ramen shop; Bungie created a T-shirt bearing the shop's logo.
  • In the hangar bay, there is a way to actually get down to the hangar floor. You will need to jump onto a crate near Holliday, jump onto a nearby missile rack and jump onto the top of the wall which Holliday is leaning against, then simply walk off. However, there is an invisible barrier blocking off most of the hangar, in order to get back up to Amanda, you will need to go under her platform by taking a right from where you jump down from her platform and go around the first corner and you'll be under her platform. Afterward, find a pillar with several dark pits around it then jump into one of the pits, once you do that, you will be killed by a death barrier in said pit and respawned up close to either Amanda or the entrance to the hangar close to the corner where Xûr can spawn.
  • It's possible to get on top of the three Vaults in the center of the tower; in order to get on top of the Vault, you need to head up the stairs leading up to the platform that allows you to activate the fan, then take a right from the activate fan to a corner with several stacked boxes and packages in it. You'll then need to do some platforming to reach the top box, then you'll need to do a jump to some scaffolding from the box (note. the jump will be difficult to reach as there is a skybox in the way of the jump which could throw off a guardian's jump), once you're on the scaffolding you'll have to navigate to a very specific border of the scaffolding. Then you'll need to sprint and mash the Jump button allowing you to essentially levitate above the ground, then make your way to the Vault while still mashing the Jump button and once you're above the Vault stop mashing and you'll stop levitating and fall onto the Vault.


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