The Third Spire

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"I don't have time to explain why I don't have time to explain."
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The Third Spire
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Unknown Space


Achieve 1 win in Trials of the Nine

Player Capacity:


"You have no idea where it is, but somehow you know exactly how to get there..."
— Location description

The Third Spire is a social space maintained by the Nine that is only accessible by achieving at least 1 win on a single ticket in the Trials of the Nine elimination Crucible mode.[1] Due to the removal of Trials of the Nine with Forsaken, the Third Spire is no longer accessible.


The Third Spire is a structure of unknown origin and location, where The Emissary, an Agent of the Nine who oversees the Trials, can be found. The Emissary grants Trials Engrams in exchange for Trials of the Nine Tokens. There are several man cannons located increasingly in ascension, connecting the floating platforms surrounding the Spire.[1]

Depending on success in the Trials, access is unlocked to higher platforms where The Emissary grants additional rewards. One win grants access to The Third Spire and the first meeting with The Emissary on the ground floor. Three wins grant access to the first platform and the second meeting. Five wins grant access to the second platform and the third meeting. Seven wins with one or more losses grant access to the third platform and the fourth meeting. Lastly, a flawless record of seven wins and zero losses opens a portal beyond the third platform to a celestial dimension where The Emissary grants a final reward.[1]


  • In the sub-dimension, a gigantic, celestial horse can be seen in the background.[1] The significance of this remains unknown.


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