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"I need to know what you found out there."
— Orin[1]

Orin the Lost, born Nasya Sarwar as a Human and Nasan Ar as an Awoken, is a Titan Sunbreaker who once served in the Pilgrim Guard and was a friend of Queen Mara Sov before she went searching for The Nine sometime after the Red War.[2] Her encounter with the Nine transformed her into the Emissary, and she now watches over the Trials of the Nine and serves as their liaison to Queen Mara and The Drifter.


Life as a human[edit]

When Nasya was twenty-seven years old she won a lottery to board the Exodus vessel Yang Liwei, which sought to establish a human colony outside of the Sol System and away from the Traveler's influence. Among the few possessions she brought with her were a silver jar containing her mother's ashes, an unopened letter from her brother, an augment with over thirty-thousand songs and videos stored on it, and several seeds and cuttings from her favorite neighborhood plants. As the Yang Liwei left Earth, Naysa worked aboard the ship as a Scopare, a member of the janitorial group. Starting small, she worked with the hope either being granted one of the remaining civilian cryopods or receiving a promotion to Auturge so that she could work in the hydroponics facilities. Nasya utilized her multilingualism to make friends amongst the other workers, many of whom did not share a common language, and quickly began teaching them other languages so they could all communicate better. As with all passengers of the ship she was pulled into the singularity formed between the clash between Light and Darkness and transformed into an Awoken.[3]

Life in The Distributary[edit]

"It seems to me that you lend people grace when you help them explain themselves."
"That's just mediation."
"Don't sell yourself short. Anyone can break up a fight. Few people can so clearly grasp the spirit of a thought, then rephrase it so that deaf ears hear it. Gifts like that can end wars.
— The Diasyrm recruiting Nasan as a translator

Upon awakening in the Distributary with only the silver jar containing her mother's ashes remaining of her possessions, although she did not remember what it contained and only felt that she could not part with it. Taking the new name of Nasan Ar, she made her home under the largest tree she found and welcomed any Awoken passersby to stay by her campfire. Over time, these visitors helped her build a house and many eventually settled there as well, leading to the creation of a small village. Eventually, she reluctantly became the mayor of her village, but although she loved her community she felt trapped by her responsibilities and knew that she did not want to be shackled to the village forever. Tormented by these feelings, Nasan departed the village one night with her silver jar to leave in search of her true purpose.[3]

Nasan began wandering the Distributary and took up random jobs, including being a Corsair for a few weeks, working as a field hand for a summer, and being an accountant for an atom merchant. She did not find fulfillment in any of these tasks, but met a man who noted her silver jar and suggested she might be a treasure hunter. Intrigued by the possibility, Nasan went exploring in a cavern where she met and befriended the Paladin Sjur Eido. The warrior suggested that if she was searching for a purpose she should meet the Diasyrm, leader of the Eccaleists. After spending time in the Eccaleists camp, Nasan was approached by the Diasyrm and offered the job of a translator. Nasan pointed out that all of the Awoken there could communicate with each other and that no regional dialect was distinct enough to require translation. The Diasyrm explained that Nasan had spent her time there helping to stop arguments and fights before they began by understanding both sides and helping peacefully guide them to a solution. Prideful but embarrassed, Nasan tried to wave that off as simple mediation, but the Diasyrm insisted she had a gift for helping people understand each other and that gifts like hers could end war, although she warned that the Sanguine would not like that talent. With her purpose found for the time being, Nasan helped deal with the wounds in Awoken society caused by the Theodicy War and its aftermath, including the disappearance of the Diasyrm. She worked in small groups of less than ten people, believing that change could only happen at smaller personal levels.[3]

Many years later, Nasan heard Mara Sov give a speech advocating that the Awoken leave the Distributary and return to the Sol System out of the belief that they owed the rest of humanity a debt for leaving them behind in their time of crisis. The idea of having abandoned the worlds of humanity in such a manner hurt Nasan deeply, and after four nights of not sleeping concluded that she would join Mara. By then, her friend Sjur had become Mara's paramour and introduced Nasan to her and the preparations for departure were made. Nasan vowed to talk with Awoken who had chosen to remain and convince them to come, but Mara rebuked her and asked that she instead help those who chose to leave come to terms with the grief that came with that decision. She accepted this task and saw some of the stress in Mara's face fade. During their exodus, Nasan felt a deep schism from the separation of their people. Holding onto the silver jar for comfort, Nasan wondered who she had left behind so long ago and if they might still be alive when the Awoken returned.[4]

The Queen's Emissary[edit]

"I want them to understand that you are—that you—that you are good. That you aren't what they think. And if they know that and still wish to live apart from us on Earth, that's fine. That's their choice."
— Nasan asking Mara's permission to serve as her emissary to the Awoken of Earth

Following the return to the Sol System and the Awoken's attempt to build a society within the wrecked starships of the asteroid belt, Nasan bonded further with Mara and became an unofficial counselor to the Awoken leader. Realizing that Mara was an enigma to their people due to her style of speaking, Nasan did her best to convey her true meaning to the rest of their people. However, the aftermath of the Long Unquiet Night and the schism following the discovery of the Traveler and the Fallen on Earth led to many Awoken abandoning the Reef in favor of returning to Earth to directly help the remnants of humanity there.[4]

The day after Mara was made Queen and proclaimed that the riven group cannot return if they leave, Nasan asks to follow them and convince them that Mara was a good person and not the tyrant they believed. She saw Sjur bristle at that suggestion, but Mara held up a hand and allowed Nasan to continue. She wished for them to understand this truth and that if they still chose to live on Earth that would be acceptable. Mara noted softly that she did not need them to understand, but Nasan heard the grief buried in her comment. She was relieved and reassured Mara that she understood that and admired her courage to be disliked, but that good will needed to be cultivated. She left unsaid her thoughts that Mara was not used to feeling like she did not know everything, although she suspected that Mara heard that thought. Mara turned away and agreed to her request, but reminded her that if she left she could not return. Clasping her Queen and friend's hand, Nasan told her she understood.[4]

Traveling to Earth with a gun, a survival kit, and her silver jar, Nasan did not find any Awoken near her landing site. She began wandering a prairie and slept in lonely campsites. Slightly under two weeks after her landing, a group of Risen who were afraid of the strange world and of her strange appearance attacked Nasan's campsite as she slept and murdered her.[4]

A Guardian of humanity[edit]

The Pilgrim Guard[edit]

"You and me, we come from the same people. And those people are up there."
"Yeah? What do you know about them?"
"Not much. I know that we must have left them for a reason. Don't worry about them so much. You gotta figure yourself out first.
— Orin and Therin discuss their origins

When Nasar was revived by her Ghost, one of the first things she did was request that her Ghost give her a name. Accepting Orin to be her new name, she named her Ghost Gol, although she was unsure of what had inspired her to name him that. Gol mentioned a nearby settlement that they could reach by foot in several days, and the threat of roving Fallen they might have to face. Trusting her Ghost, Orin fashioned a mace out of tree branches and the two moved out, although Gol warned her that the aliens had guns and her improvised weapon might not do much. Unsure of what guns were, Orin was confident that she could crush the skull of any foe with her weapon. Once they reached the settlement, they found it had been destroyed and the residents slaughtered by nuclear weaponry. Upset by the senseless slaughter, Orin asked who was responsible. Gol explained that a Warlord had likely assaulted the settlement for its livestock and with no one to oppose them, the massacre was the end result. Orin wished to know when the massacre happened and Gol calculated the likely timeframe of the raid was less than thirty-six hours ago. Upset that she had not been fast enough to help, Orin began vomiting as she contracted radiation poisoning. Gol quickly herded her away from the danger zone before she died and became stuck in the irradiated ruins.[5]

Moved by what happened, Orin began a one Titan campaign against the local Warlords. Though she had no quarrel with the Fallen, she hunted them to salvage their gear and weapons. Eventually getting her hands on a Scorch Cannon, she became a threat to Risen that have been around longer than her and become a target for mercenaries chasing a price on her head. During a battle with against a gang of six mercenaries, she ran out of ammunition as she spotted even more Risen arriving and joining the battle. She assumed them to be more enemies and hefted her spent Scorch Cannon to use as a maul. However, the new arrivals were the Pilgrim Guard and aided her instead. That night Orin camped with them and they laughed over her mistake while drinking tea and eating hardtack.[6]

The Pilgrim Guard eventually offered her a place with them, and she accepted, being gifted a new war hammer. One day, Orin encountered another Awoken and began questioning her about where they came from, as all other Awoken she had seen were dead or hurriedly departed on jumpships. The young woman knew nothing of their origins, having been revived in the Sinaloan ruins, but one of Orin's friends overheard and told her that her people lived in the asteroid belt, but no one could tell her why they were not on Earth. As the decades passed, Orin worked with the Guard, fighting Warlords, defending against Fallen, and protecting civilians. Eventually, the same restlessness that overtook Orin in her days as a reborn Awoken came again. Despite loving her role and her community, she confided in Gol that she was itching for something else, despite not knowing what or why, and felt monstrous for it.[6]

At some point during her adventures with the Pilgrim Guard, Orin got a tattoo of a coiled snake around her arm. She met another Risen named Eli who became interested in her. During their second meeting Eli asked if she would like to dance, but she declined. However, he asked what she thought he said and when Orin repeated the question, he approached her and stated he would love to. Orin chuckled at this and did not move away, catching Eli off-guard as he noted that had never worked before. The two swiftly became friends and Eli joined her in the Pilgrim Guard and saved each other's lives numerous times over the years.[7]

Orin and several other members of the Guard eventually encountered another Awoken Risen in the desert. They welcomed him into their camp and as her comrades went to sleep that night, she questioned him while cleaning blood off her war hammer on how long since he had been resurrected by his Ghost. The Ghost said it had been six days and Orin then asked how long he had been dead. The Ghost speculated it was about a month and Orin correctly guessed that he had been in the wreckage of a crashed ship, noting that she had never seen clothes like his before. She explains to him that they are Awoken and come from the Reef, but no one knows much about them. She reassures him that he just needs to figure himself out and asks if he has a name. He confidently states that he is Therin Vai, causing her to smile. He then questioned her on if he could stay with the Pilgrim Guard, causing Orin to quickly take in his cloak, knives, and lean build and think to herself that he was not like them, but she warmly told him that he could stay as long as he wished.[8]

Search for Answers[edit]

"Why did I leave?"
"You wished to be my emissary."
"And you banished me for it? That doesn't seem like something you'd do..."
— Orin and Mara during her audience with the Queen

The Pilgrim Guard eventually heard rumors of a Last Safe City to the south that was defended by a group of Risen known as the Iron Lords. Orin and her comrades were skeptical, as many presumably safe havens had developed in the past before being destroyed. They decided to reroute their newest caravan there in the hopes that it would be different, as the south had more fertile lands compared to the northern deserts. Orin hoped that they would find a safe haven in the hopes in would give her the chance to rest, although she felt guilty and regarded that as a selfish desire. When they arrived they discovered that the Last City was a mass series of tents and muddy roads situated beneath the Traveler, but it was defended by many other Risen supported by a civilian militia.[9]

Orin was stunned and happy to explore the emerging City and the Pilgrim Guard settled into the settlement for awhile. However, the rest of the Guard prepared to set out on an eighteen-month mission to the north to search for more refugees to bring to the City. Orin decided to remain in the Last City instead of heading back out into the wilds. Her comrades understood her decision, but were grieved to leave her behind. Before they left, all nine members of the Pilgrim Guard made a mark into her hammer; so that it now read "I I I I I I I I I AM THE END OF ALL THINGS". Orin began investigating the origins of the Awoken further, noting that there were only a few in the City, the majority of whom were also Risen. She began questioning the non-Risen Awoken residents about their origins, ships, and weapons, along with if they also heard voices and had visions. She also wondered why if she had been one of them why no one had ever come looking for her.[9]

During her search for answers, Orin met Namqi Sen, a Reef native pilot stranded on Earth after his ship was damaged by a Fallen Skiff during a mission. Orin questioned him about the Reef and the Awoken there as he struggled to repair his ship, becoming fascinated that he too had omens in his dreams and could hear a voice when alone. Eventually, Orin went with Namqi for drinks and continued her questioning, where she began to find Namqi's looks and listening ability attractive. After eight weeks, Namqi finally repaired his ship, but Orin had managed to convince him to violate the Queenslaw and smuggle her and Gol beyond the Vestian Outpost. While pleased that she finally had some answers, she was unsatisfied with the knowledge she had gained and wished to learn why she had decided to leave the Reef. As they entered the Reef and flew towards Interamnia they were intercepted by several Ceres Galliot fighters.[10]

Orin was visited in her cell by Sjur, who was slightly disheartened to see her old friend as a Guardian but pleased that Namqi had brought her back. After a brief detainment, Queen Mara had Orin brought before her without Gol or Namqi. Despite remembering nothing of her past, Orin immediately recognized her. Mara explained to her why she was banished from the Reef after volunteering to be an emissary. Orin was brought before her former Queen several times over the course of her imprisonment, where Mara spoke to her about things more terrifying than anything she learned since she was first revived. Eventually, Mara decided that since Orin no longer had memories of being Nasar, she could not be held accountable for violating an oath made in her past life. Instead, she was punished for sneaking into the Reef and was allowed to go free in exchange for a favor that Mara would call upon later. After being released, Orin returned to Earth to contemplate everything she learned.[10]

In the Queen's Service[edit]

"I need to know who killed her."
"To know, or to see them killed?"
"First, to know. I'm not sure it was a murder.
— Mara Sov and Orin discuss Sjur's death

Over time, Orin watched the Pilgrim Guard become famous and grew in size. They and the rest of the Risen who defended the Last City take up the title the people bestowed on them: Guardians. Despite being happy for her friends and their success, Orin opted to leave the Pilgrim Guard permanently. Orin was kept busy by Namqi, who called her everyday while serving out his sentence in the Reef. Once his time was served, Orin convinced Namqi to come to Earth and take her across the system in search of answers to humanity's past. The two of them traversed the inner solar system, working odd jobs to keep Namqi's ship running. The two eventually began a romantic relationship, spending centuries exploring together.[11]

On the day that Sjur died, Mara called in Orin's favor to her: to investigate Sjur's death and find the killer. Orin returned to the Reef and met with Mara, questioning if Mara wanted to just know the killer's identity or if she wanted them dead. She watches as Mara struggles with grief and anger and tightens her grip on her warhammer as she ponders what she would do if Namqi was murdered. Mara told her that first she wished to know before handing over a strange coin recovered from Sjur's body and noting that she was unsure if it had been murder. Orin obliged, with her search leading her to a being with tentacles for a face who she cornered in a sublunar cavern. Grasping the creature's throat in her hands, it rasped out to "forgive them". Orin questioned who needed forgiving and shoves him down as he struggled to speak, but Gol shouted a warning as the mysterious man reached into his robes Orin struck him with her hammer. The man was knocked across the cavern and hit the wall, severely damaging his spine, while the silver jar he reached for bounced across the floor. Puncturing the lid of the jar with her knife, Orin poured the contents out across her hand and found it full of dust, unaware it was the ashes of her mother. The man made a cryptic statement about the dust and vanished as Orin glanced back at him.[11]

Orin's encounter with the mysterious creature affected her heavily, and she began experiencing hallucinations that spoke to her in languages she did not understand. She attempted to continue both her relationship with Namqi and her search for Sjur's killer, but felt pulled in other directions and often felt a phantom hand around her throat. Orin thought it felt like there was somewhere and someone else she must be but was unable to voice those feelings or even feel horror over those feelings, but instead only felt lonely. As her condition worsened she found it difficult to separate dreams from reality and developed synesthesia focused on the number nine. She attempted to explain her condition to Gol, Namqi, and Mara, who all encouraged her to halt her search as it became clear that the Nine were involved and that she needed rest. Orin could not give up the hunt and continued searching for the tentacle-faced man, but also felt as though she was searching for herself.[12]

Lost in Grief[edit]

Orin meets "Wu Ming".

"I'm going, Wu Ming. This "friendship", or whatever you want to call it… it's over. Try not to get shot."
"You wanna go back to a thousand years of the Traveler's dogma, kid? Give up your freedom? Fine. You do you.
— Orin ends her friendship with the Drifter

Orin's obsessive search for answers put her out of contact for months at a time. After returning to the Reef, she learned that Namqi had perished in an Aphelion attack and that no one had been able to reach her. She traveled to an Awoken outpost on 324 Bamberga to view a transcript of Namqi's final words in which he professed his love for her. As Orin left the Gensym lab, she was overwhelmed by grief and did not know what to do next.[12] She met another Lightbearer who introduced themselves as Wu Ming and claimed to be an old friend of Namqi who had learned of her work for Queen Mara and investigation of the Nine. Orin admitted that was true but stated that in light of Namqi's death it no longer seemed important. Wu Ming offered to be there for her if she needed a shoulder to cry on.[13] Due to her grief and the mental toil the search for the Nine had inflicted upon her, Orin did not recognize Wu Ming as her old comrade Eli and found comfort in his presence in the absence of Namqi. They meet repeatedly, with Wu Ming questioning her about the Nine and what they could do. Unable to hold back, Orin told him everything she had learned of the Nine but also confessed her deepest fears and feelings. Wu Ming did the same, coming to see Orin as a kindred spirit, and confessed to her of his own fears and hatred of the Light as a burden he never asked for.[12]

After many conversations with Wu Ming, Orin spoke with Callum Sol was horrified to learn that Wu Ming had lied about his friendship with Namqi and his identity.[14] He was in fact a rogue known as the Drifter and had gone under many names, including Dredgen Hope as a member of the Shadows of Yor. Orin believed that he had manipulated and tricked her for his own gain, learning of his past and considering him little more than a scared con man and murderer. Blaming herself for revealing too much to the Drifter and that there was no way to mend her mistake, Orin prepared to flee from the Reef.[12] Before she departed she confronted the Drifter and declared she would find the Nine. He pleaded with her not to leave, but Orin accused him only pretending to care and disdainfully called him Dredgen. He insisted he did not go by that name anymore but Orin stated that Callum claimed otherwise. Ignoring Drifter's pleas that he was not lying, Orin declared their "friendship" to be over. Angry at her dismissal, Drifter claimed that she was giving up her freedom and going back to the Traveler's dogma.[14] However, soon after leaving the Reef Orin's connection to the Light was severed along with every other Lightbearers when the Red Legion invaded the Last City and trapped the Traveler in a cage. Terrified by the sudden schism from her Light, Orin was vulnerable when the Nine reached out and began manipulating her to seek them and declared to her that Orin was not her name.[12]

Orin sought out nine Ghosts who had gone beyond the Solar System and inquired after their findings. Receiving only a set of coordinates, she left them.[1] She also found several "deep-orbit minds" in the midst of her search, although these may be the same Ghosts.[15]

Emissary of the Nine[edit]

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"Welcome, Guardian... to the place where everything dies. And begins anew."
— The Emissary

She soon encountered some of the Nine herself.[16] After warning her of the possibility of going mad from the conversation[17][18][19] and of a potential price as a consequence,[20] they tasked her with finding three "worthy keys".[21] They then commended her for seeking them out, for her resourcefulness in acquiring a ship and her decision to avoid "a golden snake who poses as a god".[22]

However, at some point, Orin was transformed from a Guardian to a "Shell" as Mara Sov calls her, becoming the Emissary of the Nine.

Messenger of the Nine[edit]

The Emissary meets the Drifter.

"Nah, not anymore. It's Drifter now."
"You have proven yourself worthy. Accept this gift from the Nine.
— The Emissary presents the Haul to the Drifter

After Wu Ming was judged worthy by the Nine, the Emissary was sent to present him with a gift. She arrived aboard his ship The Derelict and prevented a Taken Captain he had summoned to deal with a Shadow of Yor who came to kill from turning on Wu Ming. Upon calling him Dredgen, Wu Ming declared that was not his name any longer and that he went by "Drifter" now. The Emissary informed him that he had been deemed worthy and presented the gift from the Nine: The Haul, which attached itself to his ship.[23] She continued to visit the Drifter as he was afflicted by visions of the Black Fleet, and he demanded that she stop sending them to him. The Emissary declared that the gift was showing him what he must see and his fate, but he angrily declared that he made his own choices. As she departed, she told him that it was up to him if he wanted to believe that.[24] The Emissary later summoned him into the Haul where she informed him that while she had enjoyed watching him, her attention was required elsewhere and that she must say farewell. He sarcastically wished her goodbye as well and asked if there was anything else he could do for her. She told him he was already doing it and demanded he continuing playing the game before dropping a jade coin with a Pyramid on it into his palm.[25]

The Emissary was sent to meet with Mara in her court during the third cycle of the Taken curse placed on the Dreaming City. She brought Mara vital information on behalf of the Nine along with an offer. The Guardian known as the Young Wolf arrived as their meeting came to a close, with Mara agreeing to the deal and requesting that the Emissary have an unknown asset move into place somewhere beyond the grave of the first fleet. The Emissary then departed from the Queen's throne to convey the agreement back to the Nine.[26]


"The night falls. Out there, on the edge, your fate is a war unseen amid ruined fleets. Two women: feared, untrusted, forever at arm's length. Here, at home, your fate is a coin in the hand of a liar. One man: afraid, untrustworthy, forever grasping. You must reckon with yourself. Can you see the path ahead? Do you know the shape of your trial?"
— The Emissary's final warning to the Young Wolf

The Nine began inviting the Guardian to learn more of their involvement and designs, with the Emissary meeting with the Young Wolf to convey their messages. During their first meeting she cautioned them about having made friends and allies with gods and pretenders and that the Nine viewed them as a great curiosity, with all fates converging upon their actions. The Emissary revealed that the Drifter was another anomaly who had their interest and showed the Young Wolf a vision of her presenting the Drifter with the Haul. After the vision finished, she revealed that two others besides the Drifter had transcended their purpose: "an hourglass counting down with infinite patience" and "a forgotten blade sharpened anew". The Emissary asked that they visit again should the Young Wolf prove worthy, as she wished for them to know what she did.[23]

A week later, the Young Wolf returned to see the Emissary, who was being questioned by the Nine about her choices. They asked if she regretted becoming their agent of judgment, and she stated that she had more agency serving them than she ever did wielding the Light. They noted she lost everything, causing a representation of Gol to fall to the ground, but she countered that it was nothing that ever mattered and declared she would die for those she loved. The Nine did not understand, a belief that the Emissary agreed with.[27] After another week, the Emissary spoke with the Nine about Mara, whom they claimed was in peril. The Emissary was sure that the queen would manage and survive despite the Nine's doubts, and that if she did die, she would do so gladly as a defender of humanity. The Nine believed she would regret before the end and beg for the release of death. The Emissary countered that they did not understand the meaning of the word regret and that what had already died could not be killed again.[28] The following week the Nine questioned the Emissary about the Drifter and his motivations. She noted that they kept asking the same questions about people but never listened. The Emissary explained to the Nine that the Drifter was afraid of everything and hated violence, which motivated him to kill anything that might inflict it upon him.[29] Finally, the Nine inquired about the motives of the Young Wolf. The Emissary suggested that they chased power but in a manner different from herself and that no one was like the Guardian. She tried to explain to the Nine that the Young Wolf was different and had agency beyond what they could believe, including the power to leave the game. The Nine did not understand, causing the Emissary to state that it was impossible to explain.[30]

After three weeks of showing the Young Wolf scenes from her past involvement with the Drifter as Orin, the Emissary told the Guardian upon their ninth visit that they would share with them another truth that the Drifter should have told them. Lamenting that fear once again had kept her old friend from his true potential, the Emissary asked that the Young Wolf open their mind to her. She revealed to them her last meeting with the Drifter and the warning about the Pyramids. Upon the vision ending, she told them that night was falling and that at the edge of the system the fate of humanity was being fought in a war waged by two women feared and mistrusted by most while in the Last City the Drifter also held fate in his hands. The Emissary cautioned that the Young Wolf must reckon with themself to find the path ahead and see the shape of their trial.[25]

Personality and traits[edit]

After being transformed into an Emissary, Orin's will is no longer wholly her own, although she does retain some free thought and desire. The physical transformation she underwent also gave her pupil-less glowing eyes and the ability to float in mid-air. She also gained a degree of telepathy, as she seems to be speaking nonverbally.


  • "Your battles paint a portrait."
  • "You think you found this place. It wants to be found. There are many like me, and so this place serves myriad purpose."
  • "One is judgment. In all of its connotation. The weight of it as a weapon. Another is death. Inevitable. Relentless."
  • "This battle is yours to win. Or lose."
  • "The mysteries of the universe are open to you! On the edge of a blade, on the tip of a bullet, burning in the Light. You are judgment relentless. 'Til the end of all things."
  • "You're not like the others. You don't hesitate as judgment falls upon you like the night. Good. Perhaps you understand. Not like the others, the ones who ask - beg - for mercy. Mercy is broken and bleeding. Judgment stands in its place. Of all your whispered questions, I will say this: I am no "Lord Shaxx" I am judgment. Those I serve have seen to it."
  • "My judgment is final."
  • "Confront your fate."
  • "The end is here."
  • "To enter this realm is to leave mercy behind."
  • "Yes I understand, it will be done."
  • "I will be damned, they will be perfect, they will cease to be!"
  • "Everything dies, so die well."

Beginning match[edit]

  • "Your team... Versus... Your opponents."
  • "Fight and live."

Course of match[edit]

  • "Three lives left!"
  • "Five lives left."
  • "No more chances for the enemy."
  • "No more second chances on your side."
  • "One minute left."
  • "One minute. Do not falter."
  • "One minute left. You have the edge."
  • "One minute. You have them. Finish this!"
  • "One minute. Both sides on death's door."
  • "Thirty seconds. Night falls."
  • "Thirty seconds. The Nine are watching you."
  • "Thirty seconds. The Nine are eager for a result."
  • "Thirty seconds. The enemy is fading."
  • "Ten seconds."
  • "Your enemy has no reserves left."
  • "No reserves left on your side."
  • "The lead is yours."
  • "You're ahead."
  • "One foe left."
  • "One opponent remains."
  • "One enemy remains."
  • "With that you are complete."
  • "You are the last. For good or ill."
  • "Your cunning is lethal."
  • "Warlocks win before the fight ever begins."
  • "They lack your focus, Warlock."
  • "Now it's your turn."
  • "Your defining moment has arrived."
  • "You broke them."

Match beginning[edit]

  • "The Nine demand perfection. Now make them cower."
  • "The Nine watch eagerly, for now."
  • "The Nine await your victory."
  • "Deadlocked. The Nine demand an outcome."
  • "Numbers favor you."
  • "You have the edge."
  • "The enemy has the edge."
  • "Your enemy has favor."
  • "Your enemy intends to finish this."
  • "Enemies coming for you."
  • "Heaven or hell."
  • "This battle is yours to win. Or lose."

Match end[edit]

  • "You crushed them."
  • "You are the oncoming storm! You show no mercy."
  • "You have their attention, Guardian."
  • "All lives expended. Welcome to the end."
  • "All lives depleted. Live well."
  • "The enemy is out of lives."
  • "No more second chances for the enemy."
  • "The Nine are losing interest."
  • "And still you remain. The Nine look to you!"
  • "That made you stronger."
  • "You have thoughts that kill."
  • "You persist!"
  • "And still you persist. The Nine favor you."
  • "Death is inevitable. Relentless."
  • "This is not a place for mercy."
  • "Even Guardians die."
  • "Judgment."
  • "Yours is a war without end."



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