Season of Arrivals

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Season of Arrivals
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Start date:

June 9th, 2020

End date:

November 10th, 2020

Previous season:

Season of the Worthy

Next season:

Season of the Hunt (Beyond Light)

The Dark has reached out. We have no choice but to reach back.

Season of Arrivals is the eleventh season of Destiny 2, occurring from June 9th, 2020 till November 10th, 2020. It revolves around the arrival of the Darkness to the Solar System. As the final season of Year 6, it also featured the return of Moments of Triumph and the Solstice of Heroes. With the delay of Beyond Light, it was the longest season in Destiny history, totaling at around 5 months, Now Surpassed by Season of the Lost at 6 months.


"Fragments of the vanquished Almighty burn in the sky, but celebration is cut short as mysterious Pyramid ships reveal themselves throughout the system. An obscured message emerges from the darkness. Is it a greeting, a threat, or something else altogether? Eris and Zavala call upon you to find out..."[1]



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