Falling Guillotine

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Falling Guillotine
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Production overview

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Heavy ammo




"What won't be given must be taken."
— Weapon description

Falling Guillotine is a Legendary Void Sword that could be acquired by increasing season ranks in Season of Arrivals or from Pyramid focused engrams. Due to these methods no longer being in the game, Falling Guillotine is currently featured in the rotating loot pool in the Dares of Eternity activity.


Falling Guillotine is popular amongst the playerbase for being able to do large amounts of damage against bosses and "swarm" type enemies like Thralls, Shanks, War Beasts and Taken Psions. This is due to the intrinsic trait, Vortex Frame, which allows for a heavy spin attack that decimates low-level enemies. A Falling Guillotine that has the perks Whirlwind Blade, Swordmaster's Guard, Jagged Edge and Relentless Strikes is considered a god-roll, as it can shred bosses very quickly. Optimal DPS[1] output with this roll is attained by using the heavy spin attack when at full energy, then weaving light attacks between the heavies.


Barrel Magazine Blade Guard Perk 1 Perk 2 Grip Origin

Honed Edge Swordmaster's Guard Tireless Blade Surrounded
Jagged Edge Enduring Guard Relentless Strikes Whirlwind Blade
Hungry Edge Heavy Guard Energy Transfer En Garde
Tempered Edge Burst Guard Counterattack
Enduring Blade Balanced Guard


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