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Destiny 2


Into the Light



Recommended Power Level:

1810 (Legend)


Mothyards, Cosmodrome
Midtown, Last City
Vostok, Felwinter Peak


Defend Vanguard forces with the Advanced Defense Unit against an onslaught of 10/50 combatant waves.


Onslaught is an activity introduced with Into the Light.


Onslaught is a wave-based defense activity where players fight against Eliksni and Hive forces sent by the Witness. Players can earn scrap by defeating combatants and throwing ADU batteries dropped by Saboteurs and Champions. The playlist version has players complete 1 set of 10 waves while the Normal and Legend versions has them complete 5 sets of 10 waves.


Once the activity starts, players must defeat enemies to set up the ADU. Once the ADU is set up, players can spend scrap on decoys, turrets, or tripmines. These defenses can be upgraded after completing certain waves. The difficulty increases as players complete a set of waves, similar to the Coil. The Extinguish modifier activates by default on Legend, or after completing Wave 30 on Normal.

Bonus Objective Wave[edit]

On every 2nd, 5th, and 8th wave in a set, a bonus objective can be completed. They include collecting items dropped by combatants, destroying Pyramid Spikes, capturing a Pyramid zone, or completing the wave within a time limit. If the bonus objective is completed, a Heavy ammo crate will spawn near the ADU.

Augment Wave[edit]

On every 3rd and 9th wave in a set, an augment wave begins. Demolitionists, Skybombers, their shielded variants, Splinter Mines, or an Imprint of Nezarec will be summoned. If a Skybomber is active in the battlefield, it will attack the ADU from a distance; if a Demolitionist is active, it will destroy defenses set up around the ADU; if their shielded variants are active, players must stand in a pool to remove their shield; or if a Splinter Mine is active, players will have a limited time to defuse the mines before it wipes the fireteam. Defeating these enemies will drop 2 ADU batteries instead of 1 ADU battery dropped by Saboteurs and Champions.

Rift Wave[edit]

On every 6th wave in a set, a portal to the Pyramid Ship will open, allowing players to take the fight to the Witness’s forces. Players must defeat Sparkhoarders to charge a Spark that must be carried. Once a player picks up the Spark, they will have 1 minute to deliver it to a rift at the end of the room while avoiding the Riftwarden and its minions. Igniting the rift will defeat the Riftwarden and open an exit portal, completing the wave.

Boss Wave[edit]

On every 10th wave in a set, another portal to the Pyramid Ship will open. Players will traverse a platforming section ending in a rally flag and Pyramid switches. The boss wave begins after shooting the Pyramid switches to open a door. While the boss wave is active, players can complete an optional objective that will help them defeat the boss faster. These objectives include igniting a rift, defeating shielded combatants by standing in a pool, or capturing zones that will allow Shaxx to deploy turrets at the zone's location. Defeating the boss will spawn a reward chest containing BRAVE Arsenal weapons and Tokens of Bravery that can be redeemed at the Hall of Champions, and spawn an exit portal to begin the next set of waves unless the playlist version was selected, which will complete the activity after Wave 10. Completing Wave 50 will spawn an additional reward chest and complete the activity.

Heat Wave[edit]

In rare instances after completing a boss wave, a bonus heat wave can be triggered, similar in nature to Ritual Anomalies from the Altars of Summoning and the Lightning Round from Dares of Eternity. Players will acquire a buff called Shaxx's Mayhem, multiple Tormentors will appear, and a 1 minute timer begins. The heat wave is over when the timer expires.

Unique Enemies[edit]