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Destiny 2


The Final Shape


The Landing, The Pale Heart
The Blooming, The Pale Heart
The Impasse, The Pale Heart


Lucent Brood


Stop the forces of The Witness and Lucent Hive from taking control of the Pale Heart.

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Overthrow is a Patrol activity that can be found in The Pale Heart. Unlike previous similar activities like Escalation Protocol, Court of Oryx, Blind Well, and Terminal Overload, which were all Guardian-initiated, Overthrow is a constantly active event within the Pale Heart. Here, players are tasked preventing Lucent Hive forces and the forces of The Witness from gaining control of areas around the Pale Heart


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When a player loads into or enters The Landing, The Blooming, or The Impasse, they will be given dialogue from Micah-10 indicating that enemy presence is surging in the area. Here, players must complete smaller Public Event activities, complete Pathfinder objectives and loot stockpile chests, along collect Destination materials in order to progress the activity forward. Overthrow is divided into 4 stages in game, with the first 3 stages being the "preparation" phase in which players must complete the objectives listed before. Once these 3 stages have been completed, a Boss phase will occur, with an Ultra enemy spawning in a designated location within the area. Here the Boss's health is divided into 3 phases, with boss mechanics staying the same across each of the area's 3 bosses that rotate between each Overthrow. Once a boss has been defeated, an intermission period around 4-5 minutes will start before the next Overthrow in the area starts.

  • Defeating Minor combatants - 1 point
  • Defeating Elite combatants - 2 points
  • Defeating Major combatants - 5 points
  • Defeating Miniboss combatants - 10 points
  • Extracting Stigmas of the Witness - 15 points
  • Opening chests - 25 points
  • Defeating High-Value Targets - 100 points
  • Completing Triage events - 250 points
  • Defeating Pathfinder targets - 250 points
  • Completing Overthrow encounters - 450 points

Unique Enemies[edit]

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Overthrow the Landing[edit]

Hive - Lucent Brood

Overthrow the Blooming[edit]

Hive - Lucent Brood
The Dread

Overthrow the Impasse[edit]

The Dread


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"And my vanquisher will read that book, seeking the weapon, and they will come to understand me, where I have been and where I was going."
The following is a verbatim transcription of an official document for archival reasons. As the original content is transcribed word-for-word, any possible discrepancies and/or errors are included.
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  • Zavala: I'm fortunate to stand beside you all in this fight. No matter what comes, I know we couldn't have made it this far without each other.
  • Mithrax: We were all, for a time, too blinded by our own pain to see the truth. That in compromise is forgiveness, and in forgiveness is a second chance. One we all needed.
  • Caiatl: And we will continue to stand together, united in the strength of the bonds we have forged. United in life, and united in death.
  • Mara Sov: Humanity stands united with all peoples who wish for peace. No matter how far off it may be.


  • The Crow: It's hard to imagine being here, healing the Traveler with our own hands. Being the strength that keeps such a cosmic force moving.
  • Micah-10: I've always imagined a place for myself that I've struggled to find. A destiny I've not yet achieved. But here I feel it clearly.
  • The Crow: Do you... believe this is what you were risen for? To be here in this moment?
  • Micah-10: I do. But that doesn't mean it's true. I don't know if the Traveler deals in certainties... but maybe possibilities. [takes a breath] It saw possibility in us both. And in that, there's the line between the unknowable and faith in it... A faith we share.


  • Mithrax: Every victory here brings us closer to healing the Traveler of all the harm that the Witness has done to it. I yearn to see the fruits of our labors.
  • Micah-10: It could take a long time, probably years, for this work to be finished. What's been done to the Traveler is nothing short of catastrophic.
  • Mithrax: Years... Hm. Yes. Well, perhaps Eido will live in an age as of yet unimagined.
  • Micah-10: The Light provides.


  • Ikora Rey: Every victory here feels so unbelievable. An impossibility inside of an impossible world. Can this really... be ours?
  • Micah-10: The victory?
  • Ikora Rey: Everything. If this is where the line is drawn, what lies beyond here is a future none of us have ever conceived of. Never dreamed of.
  • Micah-10: I've dreamed. But not everything about a victory is assured to be good. Everything's got consequences... and that's why we're here.


  • Caiatl: Once more, we send our enemies screaming into the ground. This hope is both welcome and terrifying. Victories have seemed so fleeting.
  • Micah-10: There's always a watershed mark. A point where history turns, and something new is born from the consequences of so much loss. Sometimes good, sometimes not. But we're at that point, where history is becoming the summation of our collective actions... For good or ill.
  • Caiatl: Then I hope history remembers us fondly for the choices we have had to make.


  • Micah-10: The lingering influence of the Witness is burning away. It feels... [takes a breath] good here.
  • Savathûn: Tell me, what else do you feel? I'm curious what someone with such a connection to the Traveler sees in these moments of respite. What truths are revealed?
  • Micah-10: Yeah, I feel the Traveler regrets giving you the Light.
  • Savathûn: Oh really? Well, the Light — oh, ho ho ho. You're lying, aren't you? It's so hard for me to tell these days. Oh, I like you.


  • Mara Sov: I know you're listening.
  • Savathûn: Oh, you caught me. I was daydreaming about the coincidences that led us here. Cayde's death, Riven's corruption, your brother's death... Then, of course, his return, thanks to the Traveler. Our little time together in the Dreaming City. It's almost like I was... helpful.
  • Mara Sov: You do not get to presume credit for our victories, because we persevere in the face of your atrocities! History will not retroactively see you the hero. Not so long as I live.
  • Savathûn: [chuckles softly] If you say so.


  • Savathûn: Well, that was enjoyable to watch. Very brutal, very efficient. I'd expect nothing less.
  • The Crow: Maybe you'd like a closer demonstration?
  • Savathûn: Will it be you that finally puts me down forever, little bird? I think you'd miss me. I think you'd always wonder.
  • The Crow: Wonder what?
  • Savathûn: What you didn't catch me doing.


  • Savathûn: Not bad! A little sloppy, but we all have our off days.
  • Caiatl: Play your games and laugh, Witch Queen. But when the time comes, after I have broken and buried your sister, you will be next. I know the role you played in the fall of Torobatl, and I will make certain you pay.
  • Savathûn: Of course! Because you and the universe would be so much better off if I left you across the galaxy, stewing in the quagmire of ancient politics. Sure, some people died. Sure, you lost a dust rock. But I think what you gained is worth more than everything you lost. Now prove me wrong.


  • Mara Sov: I can feel things calming down already. It's remarkable, the difference in this place without the Witness' presence.
  • Savathûn: Imagine what the universe will feel like. That collective sigh of relief, then a moment of peace. And then... the tumult of change.
  • Mara Sov: Yes, I have no doubt you with abuse peace for your own gain as you have in the past. You do realize that you're the next target, don't you?
  • Savathûn: Oh no! Oh dear! Oh my! [chuckles] Who could have foreseen this?


  • Savathûn: It's interesting, this collision of convictions that we find ourselves in.
  • Zavala: Get off my comms.
  • Savathûn: You've got the Taken, existing only to serve the convictions of another. Then there's my brood, serving my whims. And then there's you and... what is it you serve again, Commander?
  • Zavala: I don't "serve" anything. I do this for a better future for humanity. For everyone who would stand up to a genocidal monster like yourself.
  • Savathûn: You don't serve? Well, isn't that a change? I do hope this enlightenment didn't cost you anything too precious.


  • Caiatl: The Traveler's wounds heal as the Witness' blight is pushed back. Such a feat gives me hope for the reclamation of Torobatl.
  • Zavala: Is that your end goal, Empress? Sol has many worlds... and I would be glad to have you stay, rather than wage war over old losses.
  • Caiatl: It... [sighs] It is a matter of pride.
  • Zavala: I'm sure other emperors of the past would've said the same, but I also don't see them here. I see someone who is more than her pride. Regardless, I'll be by your side... wherever the fight takes you.