European Aerial Zone

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European Aerial Zone
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Enemy Factions:

House of Devils (Phensis, Loyal to Eramis)
House of Dusk
Red Legion
Cabal Deserters
Savathûn's Hive
Grasp of Nokris (Asbel, Far from Home)

Public Events:

Hunt for Prismatic Taken

Patrol Beacons:


"There's got to be a joke here. How many Warlocks does it take to make an island float?"

The European Aerial Zone is a limited-time activity and location introduced during the Solstice of Heroes during Season of Opulence. It was reintroduced during Season of Arrivals.


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It has been formed from an idea by Ikora and Eva Levante by using powers of Tower Warlocks to lift areas of the European Dead Zone into the sky. Guardians receive coordinates to participate in combat there and meditation.

Each daily reset switches the activity between Arc Day, Solar Day, or Void Day. Bosses and minibosses are more vulnerable to the element of the day, similar to how elemental singes function in Strikes. The EAZ is a very special area in the game, considering its unique emphasis on aerial movement, a departure from traditional Bungie encounter design philosophies. The primary objective of the EAZ is to kill as many minibosses scattered around the arena as possible under a time limit. When the time limit is reached, the minibosses with disappear, and players will have to face a certain Cabal, Fallen or Hive boss. Cabal or Fallen bosses spawn during the day and Hive bosses spawn during the night. When the boss enemy is defeated, the players’ objective will be to find chest that will spawn scattered across the area, with the number of chests depending on how many minibosses were killed.


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