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Cabal Deserters


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Solar System

"Here's one for you. Cabal deserter. Mars. Ordinarily, I'd look the other way... but it's the Cabal who are paying me. Ha!"
— The Spider.[1]

Cabal Deserters are Cabal dissidents who defected from their Legions in purist of their own goals.


After the deaths of multiple Red Legion officers, a chunk of the army left the leaderless Legion and tried to carve out their own strongholds throughout the Solar System. The first few accounts were Cabal escapees that The Spider issued bounties for, along with those hiding within the Reef. Others have been noted to have been working with the Spider instead as his associates.

During Penumbra, Calus would task Guardians in ending a lead deserter in The Conflux on Nessus in order to obtain Imperials from him and his group of Deserters. Some deserters were also observed in The Arms Dealer strike.

With the events of Season of the Worthy, it is known more Cabal have deserted, but their specific names and numbers remain unknown outside of Ixel, the Far-Reaching who slew her own Valus and seized his forces most able soldiers after thinking him stubborn and weak. Ixel would later attempt entry to Empress Caiatl's Imperial Cabal and her War Council through a Rite of Proving yet be slain in the process.[2]

After Ignovun, Chosen of Caiatl's defeat in the Proving Grounds, Caiatl lost a lot of support regardless of the honorable rite and several Cabal dissidents defected, swelling the ranks of the deserters once more.[3][4]

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  • Despite being called deserters by some of the Scout Legions, the Broken Legion are in fact technically not deserters for they were ordered by Ghaul and the Red Legion to act as a trojan horse for the Reef.

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