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Orbiks Prime
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"Was looking, searching for new Wolf Kell. Could not find one. Could not understand House Wolves tactics... bad tactics. Fight Cabal? (laughs) Could not find new Kell because there is no Kell. House Wolves follows a new god, a Servitor, a Prime. This is a pilgrimage, Guardian. And for faith, they will stop at nothing."
Variks, the Loyal[1]

Orbiks Prime is a Prime Servitor of the House of Wolves, served by Archon Priest Keldar.


Orbiks Prime was lost to the Wolves long ago, leading to the ascendancy of Kaliks Prime and the gradual extinction of the Orbiks line of Servitors; Mecher Orbiks-11 was assumed to be the last of its kind before its destruction.[2][3] Following the failed rebellion of Skolas, however, the surviving Wolves regrouped on Mars and rebuilt Orbiks Prime, which assumed leadership of the House and began producing new Orbiks Servitors.[1]

However, its ascendancy was short-lived, as the Guardians, at Variks' request, destroyed Orbiks Prime. This left the Wolves leaderless once more and Variks hopes the House of Wolves will be broken for good.[1]


  • Orbiks Prime has all the standard Prime Servitor attacks, but can also teleport players periodically to disorient them.[4]


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  • Orbiks Prime and the Prime Ether Servitor use similar teleportation abilities on players.
  • Orbiks Prime is the second Servitor to have its own model design and the second prime servitor to be encountered in-game, the first of both being Sepiks Prime.
  • Orbiks Prime is the first Servitor to be reborn but not title itself after its rebirth.


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