Splicer Walker

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Splicer Walker
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Production information


Devil Splicers


Fallen Walker

Technical specifications

Other system(s):

ArcS.png Shock Emission
KineticS.png Splicer Seekers
SIVA Nodes


Heavily Armored


SolarS.png SIVA Cluster Cannon
SolarS.png SIVA Nose Repeater
SolarS.png SIVA Missile Launcher
ArcS.png Shock Grenades




Splicer Shanks


Year introduced:

SIVA Crisis


Heavy Assault
Drilling Vehicle
Area Defense


"Uh, this Walker's been upgraded."

Splicer Walkers are a SIVA-infused variant of the Fallen Walker manufactured by the Devil Splicers. They are used for assault or protection for key chokeholds such as the Siege Engine in Wrath of the Machine Raid Heroic Mode. They have more firepower and are harder to kill than their counterparts. As is common with the Devil Splicers, these Tanks have the easily recognizable White, Black and Red colors scheme making them very intimidating and easily discernible from their non-modified counterparts.


Splicer Walkers are more dangerous than their regular counterparts. They retain all of their previous weapons, but they have higher muzzle velocity and deal Solar damage. The main cannon now has a different firing mode: a homing barrage of missiles. These will cause serious, or even fatal damage if not avoided. In addition, it will release Splicer Seekers at will, much like the way Splicer Dregs, Splicer Vandals, and Splicer Captains do when they are killed with a critical hit. The strategy of the regular Fallen Walker still applies here, but because of the homing barrage, more mobility and awareness is required to defeat this powerful enemy.


  • Perfected Walker


  • Like its counterpart, the Splicer Walker's secondary cannon that's attached next to the main cannon can be shot off if it took too much damage, making the fight with the tank much easier.

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