Tangled Shore

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A patchwork wasteland at the edge of the Reef, in the Asteroid Belt.
Tangled Shore


The Reef

Hostile races:

Fallen (House of Dusk)
Hive (Savathûn's Brood)
Cabal (Red Legion, Cabal Deserters)
Taken (Dreaming City)


Complete the first story mission of Forsaken*
(*No longer accessible since the release of Witch Queen)

Landing zones:

Thieves' Landing
Sorik's Cut


The Tangled Shore is a lawless asteroid wasteland on the outskirts of the Reef and a former Destination near the Dreaming City. It was added in Forsaken as the core territory of the Spider, head of a Fallen crime syndicate and the world vendor. It was also plagued with undead Scorn along with pockets of Hive, Cabal and Fallen from the House of Dusk. The Tangled Shore was retaken by Mara Sov and vaulted with the release of The Witch Queen.


The Tangled Shore is a collection of asteroids kept together with grappling hooks and cables.[1] It is a lawless land within The Reef, where the Scorn settled after escaping from the Prison of Elders. The region is essentially a Fallen badland and is also home to a branch of Savathûn's Brood that have crashed into the shore. Remnants of the Red Legion also are warring within the chaotic badland as well. The Fallen are currently going through a major civil war in the Tangled Shore, between the Scorn and House of Dusk. Additionally, a Fallen crime syndicate resides deep within the Shore, forced into hiding by the Scorn.

The Shore's asteroids are pockmarked with caves, ramshackle pirate bases, and hidden shortcuts. A crashed warship filled with Hive is also present. The Shore was once ruled by a Fallen called The Spider, but the arrival of Uldren Sov sent him into hiding.[1]

A massive ring-shaped complex of structures can be seen in the sky of the Tangled Shore, echoing a similar structure seen in the Dreaming City. It is believed to act as the portal to the Dreaming City, but is never seen in use.


Story missions[edit]




  • The Tangled Shore is mainly composed of 4 areas with public events.
  • The large ring structure orbiting around the Shore acts as a portal to the Dreaming City[2].
  • The Tangled Shore was the only patrol zone in Destiny 2 to contain every single enemy race. Fallen, Hive, Cabal and Scorn can all be found in patrol, the Vex are found in the Warden of Nothing Strike, and the Taken can be fought in the Nothing Left to Say Story mission, as well as in Sjursrest during the Wish-Ender quest.
  • Tangled Shore was taken out of the Destination Tab once the The Witch Queen came out. It seems that, after driving out Fikrul, the Fanatic, the return of Mara Sov, and The Spider asking the Drifter to smuggle him out of the Reef, the Awoken now have the region under control.


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