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"I don't have time to explain why I don't have time to explain."
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Other names:

"Black Triangle"[1]
"Phantom Ship" [2]
"Final True Shape"


The Pyramids, as they are referred to by the Vanguard, are a massive fleet of pyramid-shaped alien vessels of unknown origin that attacked the Sol System during the Collapse. They are closely associated with the Darkness, and are even sometimes referred to as "the Darkness" themselves. However, available information suggests that the Pyramids are nonetheless distinct from the Darkness it controls in a similar way as the Traveler is distinct from the Light. The Pyramids are the ancient enemy of the Traveler,[3] and have actively tracked it through the cosmos for countless eons, bringing destruction to the very civilizations its uplifted either directly or through their agents like the Vex, Hive, or Taken.[4] [5]

A single, seemingly derelict vessel from this fleet was discovered beneath the surface of Earth's Moon in the years following the Red War. It remains unknown how long this vessel was buried on the Moon, although Eris Morn speculates that it may have been struck down by the Traveler during the Collapse, or left behind intentionally. Its very presence creates Nightmares from the Darkness to haunt the Traveler's Light-bearing Risen.

Multiple Pyramids can be seen in the background when the Guardian receives a vision of the Black Garden from the Unknown Artifact found within the Pyramid on Luna.


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