Sanctified Mind, Sol Inherent

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"I don't have time to explain why I don't have time to explain."
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Sanctified Mind, Sol Inherent
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Biographical Information




Sol Divisive


Axis Mind



Combat Information


Garden of Salvation


Torch Cannon


Summon Vex
Summon Angelic
High Durability
Temporal Shockwave
Voltaic Overload
Open Portal
Initial Immunity
Tether Repair Sequence


The Sanctified Mind is a Vex Axis Mind, and the final boss of the Garden of Salvation Raid. It is tasked with protecting the remnants of one of the Pyramids and gaining tribute by the sacrifices of the Sol Divisive.


Like the Consecrated Mind, the Sanctified Mind seems to have been warped by exposure to an unknown force or process. Instead of the brass-like metal of ordinary Vex, much of its chassis resembles more closely the rough stone used in Vex architecture (and indeed becomes an inanimate stone statue when defeated), and sprouts glowing blue tentacles.

The Sanctified Mind is the Axis Mind of the Sol Divisive whose solemn duty is to be given sacrifices by the Vex, that even includes the Vex sacrificing themselves in the process. When the Guardians entered into the Black Garden to find the source of a signal emanating from the Unknown Artifact, the Sanctified Mind sent its legions of Vex to either destroy them or test if they were worthy to find the source of the signal. Unfortunately, the Mind would be deactivated by the team of Guardians and they later located the signal which derived from a veiled statue, similar to the one found in the Pyramid on Luna.


The boss starts off by summoning an Angelic. After killing it, the boss’s leg and arm will glow, shooting these glowing spots will cause the boss to destroy a random plate, create a portal,spawn a cyclops, and pull anybody back who is on the other side. The portal leads to a new area which are filled with Vex that drop motes varying from 15-18. Depositing 30 motes will cause the pillars to be infused with energy and the players who deposited the Motes will receive a buff being able to break the shields on the Goblins in the main area. After a certain amount of time, the boss will spawn an angelic and start his damage phase. Players have to connect the appropriate tethers to the boss, doing this successfully will make the boss float in the air for a short amount of time; in this very short time frame, The boss’s Radiolarian core will become exposed, allowing massive damage to be done. In addition, you can use the opposite pillar to tether the boss for an additional damage phase. After the damage phase, players have a short time to be able to connect tethers to little stars around the area. Doing this will rebuild a plate. After a couple of seconds, the boss will spawn another Angelic, blocking the tether and resetting the encounter.


  • The Sanctified Mind is the third final boss of a Raid to be a Vex, behind Atheon, Time's Conflux and Argos, Planetary Core.
  • Upon the death of the Sanctified Mind, it turns into a stone statue, hinting a connection between the Mind to the Black Heart and the Sol Progeny.
  • Unlike other Axis Minds or other Ultra Vex bosses, the Sanctified Mind does not possess a glowing central eye.
    • This is probably due to the two giant visors on two of its limbs, where it likely uses as its central eyes.
    • It has a central core during the damage phase, making it similar to Protheon, Modular Mind and Brakion, Genesis Mind.

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