Sanctified Mind, Sol Inherent

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Sanctified Mind, Sol Inherent
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Biographical Information




Sol Divisive (Sol Inherent)


Axis Mind



Combat Information


Garden of Salvation


Engulfing Cannon


Summon Vex
Summon Angelic
High Durability
Temporal Shockwave
Voltaic Overload
Open Portal
Initial Immunity
Tether Repair Sequence
Sacred Dematerialization


The Sanctified Mind is a Vex Axis Mind, and the final boss of the Garden of Salvation Raid. Following the events of the Shadowkeep campaign, it had made contact with one of the Pyramid Scales to empower the Sol Divisive with its Darkness, only to be defeated by the Guardians.


The Sanctified Mind is an Axis Mind of the Sol Divisive whose solemn duty was to commune with a Pyramid Scale found in the Black Garden, which involved the Vex harvesting their radiolarian fluid in the process to reap its Darkness. Much like the Consecrated Mind before it, the Sanctified Mind seems to have been warped by exposure to the paracausality of the Pyramids. Instead of the brass-like metal of ordinary Vex, much of its chassis resembles more closely the rough stone used in Vex architecture (and indeed becomes an inanimate stone statue when defeated), and sprouts glowing blue tentacles, as well as orange ones at times. Its primary photoreceptors appear to be non-functional, and instead it sports spherical masses in one shoulder and one thigh that each contain a glowing red photoreceptor.

When the Guardians entered into the Black Garden to intercept the source of a signal emanating from the Unknown Artifact, the Sol Divisive sent its legions of Vex to keep the Guardians from disrupting the Sanctified Mind. Unfortunately, the Mind would be defeated and become petrified by the Guardians as they located the signal which derived from a veiled statue, similar to the one found in the Pyramid on Luna in the mission Beyond.


- First Phase - The encounter starts when someone shoots the boss while its in the air. When this happens, the Sanctified mind starts to assemble and fight the guardians.

The boss will spawn a round of goblins, including an Ultra Hydra, which is called Angelic, as you may have seen throughout the whole raid. Destroying it will expose the Sanctified Mind´s photoreceptors, which are in 2 spots: Its knee and its shoulder. Shooting these photoreceptors open up a portal that leads to a far away section of the arena, where players have to defeat enemies and collect the motes they drop (This is why most people call players who go through the portals Team Gambit). Opening up a portal will trigger 2 things. First, a Cyclops will spawn in a pillar, to the side where the portal was opened. Second, the boss will wipe out a random platform where the guardians are. Its important to mention that when the platform dissapears, it will kill any guardian thats inside, so be careful with that.

Throughout the whole encounter, you will have to face the issue of the white-shielded goblins coming in to sacrifice in the relays. Personal experience has determined the orange or dark energy relay is the most common one to be full of goblins sacrificing in the shortest time. For this, theres Team Gambit, which I´ll explain now.

- Team Gambit (2) - Team Gambit. The fireteam is split into 3 teams, 2 being Gambit 1 and Gambit 2. When the photoreceptors appear, you are meant to shoot one of them to open a portal that leads to the Gambit section of the map, as I explained before. The knee photoreceptor opens a blue portal, whereas the shoulder photoreceptor opens an orange portal. Gambits job is to enter those portals once they open. Not both teams shall enter, its Gambit 1 first and then Gambit 2. While Gambit 1 is inside collecting motes, Gambit 2 has to stand ready for the callout. What callout, you may say? Well, Gambit 1, when they dont see anymore motes in the radar, are going to ask to be pulled out. A team is pulled out when the matching photoreceptor is destroyed again and the portal opens. When this happens, Gambit 2 has to go inside. Gambit 1, upon arrival, have to look for a blue relay in order to bank those motes. Once they deposit them, they will recieve the buff Enlightened, which allows them to damage the white-shielded Vex. Theres a safe route to do this, which is banking with 30 seconds of difference (kind of) between both members of the Gambit team that just came back. This way, if the Gambit team thats inside delays a little bit, theres no major problems with the shielded Goblins.

Once Gambit 2 calls out to be pulled out, shoot the matching photoreceptor and inmediately set your eyes to the shoulder photoreceptor, which is the portal you have to open now. Shooting this will open an orange portal, and its just the same procedure. Go in, collect motes, swap Gambit 1 with Gambit 2, go in, collect motes, get pulled out, bank in an orange relay (which is to the right side of the arena) and get ready. For the DPS phase.

- DPS Phase - Once both relays are overcharged, the Sanctified Mind will begin to channel a "bomb" which will wipe the fireteam if its not disabled. This "bomb" will be either white or orange, and you have to link the matching relay to it in order to disorient the boss and be able to damage it. To be able to open the cube on top of the relay, you will have to kill an Angelic that will spawn at the bosses feet. Normally, theres 3 or 4 guardians in charge of this, so the ones that dont play part of if have to stay away so they dont get tethered and slow down the DPS phase. Once the relay is linked to the "bomb" and the boss is disoriented, everyone in the fireteam will gather somewhere in the arena (for Well of Radiance, Ward of Dawn, and every other damage buff) and begin to shoot. The boss will fly up in the air, and thats where it recieves 2x the damage, which is why then abilities like Golden Gun or weapons like Izanagi´s burden should be used.

After a brief period, the boss will go down again and become inmune to damage. The rest of the encounter its just repeating the steps mentioned before.

- General Advices -

1. In order to defuse the "bomb" the Sanctified Mind is charging, the matching relay HAS TO BE OVERCHARGED. That meaning both Gambit 1 and Gambit 2 have charged it correctly and no goblins sacrificed in that specific relay. If its not fully charged, the link to the "bomb" will be too weak to defuse it, which will cause an inevitable wipe.

2. Theres a kind of margin of error for the Gambit teams. Sometimes, when they kill an enemy in the Gambit section of the map, it sometimes happens that a mote falls off the limits of the section and it cannot be retrieved. From what I´ve researched, its up to 1 mote lost per Gambit run, so be careful where you kill your enemies.

3. This is the most common problem when the DPS phase comes. Since you have to open a portal to pull out the last Gambit team, everyone forgets about the Cyclops that spawns in a pillar, and get one shot out of existance. Keep that in mind.

4. This is also a common problem. Communications are important. Listen carefully to your teammates. Sometimes happens that Gambit 1 has to go to a portal but the second member of that teams forgets about it and only one person is inside the Gambit area collecting motes. This slows down massively the process to reach the DPS phase, added to the fact that leaves the whole fireteam exposed to white-shielded Goblins, being the guy who went inside first the only one to have the Enlightened buff.

5. Last but not least, keep your cool. This encounter is very easy to fail, and it may require a lot of attempts, which usually exhausts the players. Its fine, keep your head cool, dont rage, dont tilt, just focus on your task and everything should go as expected.


  • The Sanctified Mind is the third final boss of a Raid to be a Vex, behind Atheon, Time's Conflux and Argos, Planetary Core.
  • Upon the death of the Sanctified Mind, it turns into a stone statue, hinting a connection between the Sol Inherent and the Sol Progeny as vessels for the Darkness, albeit the Black Heart and the Pyramids respectively.
  • Unlike other Axis Minds or other Ultra Vex bosses, the Sanctified Mind does not possess a glowing central eye.
    • This is probably due to the two giant visors on two of its arm and leg, which are likely its optic sensors.
  • Due to its name, the Sol Inherent may be a sub faction of Vex were meant to replace the Black Heart due to the Vex of the Black Garden sacrificing themselves to the Inherent Minds.
  • The Sanctified Mind is the largest Minotaur in Destiny history so far, larger than either Atheon or Protheon, Modular Mind.
  • Upon the defeat of the Sanctified Mind, a Pyramid Scale is revealed to the players, this is the first time a Pyramid Scale has appeared in-game. The second being in Season of Arrivals.


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