Alaaks, the Beast Tamer

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Alaaks, the Beast Tamer
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Pirate Hideout: The Beast Tamer


ArcS.png Shock Rifle


Summon Fallen
Summon War Beasts
High Durability
Rapid Movement
Immunity Shield
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"This IS mercy, Prydis. You haven't faced Misraaks. I have. He knows no mercy or forgiveness."
— Alaaks

Alaaks, the Beast Tamer was a Fallen Captain and the leader of a gang of pirates. She and her crew were hired by Eramis, the Shipstealer, to hunt the relics of Nezarec on behalf of the Witness. She was encountered in the Pirate Hideout: The Beast Tamer activity.


Alaaks was a Pirate Lord of the Old Crews of Eliksni legend, who gained a reputation for taming Cabal War Beasts. She even claimed to have faced Mithrax, the Forsaken, at some point in time.[1] The Captain would be one of many to answer the call of Eramis, the Shipstealer, joining in her hunt for the relics of Nezarec sought after by the Witness. Alaaks eventually came into possession of one these reliquaries, and was contacted by Eramis herself. The Kell spoke of the Fallen "taking their rightful place in the Sol System," of a new age of prosperity for them, and warned the Pirate Lord to be sure she wasn't on the wrong side.

Despite her success in finding the artifact, however, Alaaks's crew on Europa were attacked by the Guardians, who managed to steal a cache from them. On board her Ketch, a Dreg who managed to survive the conflict, Prydis, pleaded with the Captain to forgive him for his failure. Stating that his incompetence would lead Mithrax straight to them, the Beast Tamer set her War Beasts on her subordinate, claiming that it was mercy compared to the Light Kell would do.[1] Before the Guardian came for her, however, her hideout in the Themis Cluster was raided by Hive forces of the Lucent Brood, who managed to wipe out half of her crew. Although Alaaks survived, the Guardian would soon arrive to finish the job, slaughtering her and the rest of her force before taking the reliquary.[2]

Personality and traits[edit]

Alaaks is a ruthless leader who does not allow failure to go unpunished, feeding one of her Dregs, Prydis, to her War Beasts for failing to secure a cache on Europa. Although, she claimed that this was an act of mercy in a way, believing what Mithrax would do to him to be far worse. Alaaks also appears to be fascinated with the Cabal animals to the point of obsession, keeping them as pets and deploying them during battle.


Alaaks is the final boss of Pirate Hideout: The Beast Tamer activity. In which, she is found within the asteroid 90 Antiope, in the Themis Cluster. After making your way through her hideout, you will come to a wide circular arena, where the Pirate Lord is waiting for you with her Loyal War Beasts. Alaaks uses Shock Rifle as her weapon of choice, and has a stomp attack that she can use to knock back players who get too close. She will also begin the battle protected with an immunity shield. Said shield is maintained by the trio of War Beasts, who must be killed in order to disable. As soon as the boss's defences are down, reinforcements consisting of several Dregs and Vandals will arrive to back up their leader.

After a third of her health has been depleted, Alaaks will call upon three more War Beasts and regain her immunity shield, and the player will again be forced to take them out so the fight can continue. The Captain will begin teleporting around to briefly evade your attacks, and more Fallen enemies will come to assist her whenever she takes significant damage. The Beast Tamer will summon her pets one last time when her health is down to its last third. Eliminating them will leave Alaaks completely vulnerable, allowing you to easily finish her off. Once the Pirate Lord has been defeated, you may claim the artifact in her possession to complete the mission.


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