Fallen Commodore

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Fallen Commodore
Screenshot taken by Sinkento
Production information




Enormous War Mech, outfitted with Fallen technology, such as a Fallen Walker chassis

Technical specifications


Very Heavily Armored


Arc Turrets
Servitor Rockets
Annihilation Blaster
Missile Strikes
Stasis shield projector (rare)


Engine Cores



Super Heavy Assault Vehicle
Siege Engine


House of Salvation


Fallen Commodores are extremely large variants of Brigs employed by the House of Salvation. They stand more than twice as tall as regular brigs similar to the size of Insurrection Prime and have more durable armor.

Commodores are seen deployed in Heroic Crux convergence Public Events, in the first mission of Empires Fall: Aftermath, and in Stealing Stasis, where the Guardian acquire the Salvation's Grip.


Apart from design and appearance, they have the same gameplay as regular Brigs apart from some of their attacks being intensified such as their Ground stomp/slam attack. They also have the unique ability to sustain large Stasis shield domes as seen in Stealing Stasis.

Unique Variants[edit]


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