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Star, position:

Sol, Jupiter



3,122 kilometers


.134 g

Length of day:

3.5 days (synchronous)




Humanity (formerly)


"Ancient power awaits you on Europa."
The Witness

Europa (also called Jupiter II) is one of the Galilean moons in orbit of the planet Jupiter. Vex influence is known to be present on the icy moon. It is also the location of the Deep Stone Crypt, and the resting point of a Pyramid that entered the Solar System during the Golden Age.


The moon's outer layer is made up mostly of ice, and once supported a thriving human colony owned by the Clovis Bray corporation, which was lost during the Collapse. Now abandoned cities, buried in ice, are all that remain.[1] One of the legends of the Nine states that they originate from either Europa, a moon of Jupiter, or Titan, a moon of Saturn.[2] Brother Vance claimed that Osiris met with the Nine on Europa, but it "wasn't the right time."[3]


Guided by messages from the K1 Anomaly, Clovis Bray I discovered an artifact or entity on Europa which he called "Clarity Control", which granted him the ability to combine its power and Radiolaria to create an ingredient vital to the Exo project that he dubbed "alkahest." In doing this, the Deep Stone Crypt was constructed to facilitate the production of alkahest, processing Vex from the blue hypergiant 2082 Volantis. Following a series of mishaps involving Elisabeth Bray's objections to the project, Clovis sealed his consciousness within the Crypt for eternity.

Nearly three years after the conclusion of the Red War and after the long journey of the main fleet back to the system, the Europan Pyramid re-emerged from the ice and out into the open surface, where it was quickly re-discovered. Later, Eris Morn and the Drifter, who were contacted by the Exo Stranger, were seen headed towards Europa to find the very ship. Additionally, Eramis and the House of Salvation arrived on Europa, acquired stasis from the pyramid and set up a city there. Soon, Phylaks had claimed much territory from the Vex and Praksis was experimenting on them. Fallen built structures can now be found all over Europa.


Europa's Patrol area takes place in the Rathmore Chaos, with all its areas being part of it. There are three main public areas, each with a Lost Sector, and several more Private and Mission areas. The main landing zone is Charon's Crossing, an enemy-free area where the main location vendor, Variks, the Loyal, is located. Completing the Beyond Light Campaign allows players to also land in the Beyond, next to the Exo Stranger, and in the Eventide Ruins.

The main enemy factions are the House of Salvation and the Sol Collective, though the Red Legion and Xivu Arath's Horde also appear for specific activities.

One of the public areas is designated every week as the Europa Eclipse Zone. In this area, Cruxes of Darkness will loom over while debris from the destroyed Morning Star rains from the sky. Players using Stasis subclasses will find their abilities have greatly increased regeneration in this area.

The planetary resource consists of Glacial Starwort, and players can also acquire Herealways Pieces throgh various means.



Campsite Radio Transmissions [4][edit]

Ana Bray[edit]

  • "I wonder what the Traveler's up to. Is it responding to the Pyramids, somehow? What does any of this mean?"
  • "Eramis? I remember that name from Twilight Gap. Ugh... wouldn't want to tangle with her."
  • "Zavala, I get where your constant need for updates is coming from. Trust me, I'm very sympathetic. But, I got nothing right now. Just like the last time you asked. When that changes, I'll tell you. Now... will you quit acting like you're my dad, and trust me?"

Commander Zavala[edit]

  • "To all Guardians: Europa is officially off-limits for the foreseeable future. At this time, the Vanguard cannot provide the necessary support for exploratory missions. Some have already learned this... the hard way. So, I repeat: Europa is off-limits. We're stretched too far thin to lose even a single Guardian."
  • "Scouts report increased Hive activity. Everywhere. Cause is unclear. Deploying more fireteams to evaluate."
  • "The Vanguard is aware of the increased enemy activity detected in the DSC entry zone. Do not investigate. This is an order. The area is not cleared for freelance patrol."
  • "Guardians, I urge you not to read too much into the Traveler's reformation. Now is not the time for conspiracy theories."
  • "No updates on the disappearance of the celestial bodies from the Solar System. Contact still hasn't been reestablished with Deputy Commander Sloane. We know as little as ever."

Kridis, the Dark Priestess[edit]

  • "This morphing is a welcoming sign. The Traitor Machine trembles at our growing force. Our time for vengeance draws near."
  • "Eliksni! Kridis, on behalf of the Kell of Darkness, cries out to you across the abyss! As we speak, the Once-Shipstealer brings the promise of our people to pass. Soon, we will rise to true prominence, united under one banner and one Kell! With no gods but ourselves!"
  • "Who withstood the Whirlwind? Who pieced together Ketches and armories out of ruins and scraps? Who roamed the lost expanses for generations; subsisting on drips of Ether, and facing endless battle? Who SURVIVED? We did! Not the so-called "Great Machine". The Eliksni survived!"

Phylaks, the Warrior[edit]

  • "I am Phylaks! Once warrior of House Devils! Once child of home Riis! I speak now to Eliksni still scattered. I fought many battles and found no warrior of the knife-will of Eramiskel. Chelchis. Skolas. Aksis. Resurrect them all and watch her reduce them to Dregs. Her new claimed power is beyond anything mutant."
  • "Do not concern Eramis with the deserters. Find them! Kill them, yes! But do not waste her time."

Praksis, the Technocrat[edit]

  • "The Eliksni must update our approach if we are ever to rise! Either join the army of the Kell of Darkness [wheezes] or be swept away with the vestigialities."
  • "These Vex have the right idea. They're making a world in their image. A machine world! We will make a new Eliksni world!"
  • "Praksis speaks to those Eliksni not yet convinced of Eramiskel agenda: why hesitate? Do you cling still to the Traitor Machine? That moon-sized weight resists your grasp. Have you grown attached to the idols we built in its image? A Ketch made with the unnecessary will never fly!"


  • "Is it strange to see the Traveler transformed? Yes. But all things change. This is the way of life."
  • "I hear Fallen now rally under the banner of Eramis, the Shipstealer. This is troubling news. If she is half as fierce as she was at Twilight Gap, she will be difficult to defeat. [sighs] How I wish I could take up that challenge… but I have a duty to the Last City, and so I stay."

Shaw Han[edit]

  • "The more I hear about everything going on with Europa, the angrier I get with these rogue Guardians. We need to be doing everything we can to keep our numbers steady. We can't afford recklessness right now. I should be more sympathetic, I guess. I know how easy it is to get caught up in your own hero fantasy."
  • "Can't believe Zavala even has to say "don't use the Darkness" out loud. Especially after we witnessed those Pyramids blink entire planets out of existence. Hard to believe anyone thinks they can control that kind of power. Must take a special kind of confidence."
  • "You know... some days it feels like we'll never wipe out the Hive. The hordes just keep coming. Other days, I can't help but feel hopeful with each new Guardian I meet. Today, it's the latter. These newbies can teach us a thing or two."

The Spider[edit]

  • "My web is quivering with whispers of doubt spreading across Eramis' so-called "shining city". And so, to those tired of the politics: you're welcome to join me and my practical associates on the Tangled Shore."
  • "A shame about Eramis. And now the rag-tag survivors are off to join Mithrax. How many Kells of Kells are we up to now? Will the fourth time be the charm? The fifth?"
  • "Mech soldiers on Europa? Ha! If only Siviks were alive. The mere mention of a Fallen Empire would drive him right back to the grave."
  • "Ah. The ambitious "Shipstealer". Not the first to unite the Houses, though I dare say she's gone the farthest. Still... she won't be the last."
  • "I heard about the Great Machine's little makeover. Prettying itself up before fleeing for greener pastures. How rude..."

Variks, Eliksni Rebel[edit]

  • "[wheezes] I hear the Great Machine has renewed itself. So too is my hope for Eliksni Light-bound. [insect-like chattering] How I wish I could see it."
  • "This is Variks, of House Judgment. I send good wishes to Misraaks, Light Kell. Your House will need a scribe, to write the new legends, the legacies, [wheezes] stories of Light. [insect-like chattering] Variks awaits your correspondence."
  • "Tell the Spider to keep his minions. His help comes at too high a price, yes? [insect-like chattering]"
  • "Stragglers of House Dusk wish to join House Light. The old bonds are breaking. [insect-like chattering]"
  • "Eramis' Devils move quickly. They have not found Variks, but... they will. [wheezes] Surely, the will."
  • "I do not blame my people for their scavenging. Exodus forced us to become... practical. In some, that has become greed."
  • "The followers of Eramis share her insatiability. Power, resources... they will never be satisfied. [insect-like chattering] So... they must be stopped."


  • In late 2013, Europa was a major location planned for the Comet that would eventually become The Taken King. Along with the European Dead Zone, the area was never completed and was later dropped from the expansion in March 2014 when Bungie decided to focus on the Dreadnaught.[5] It is still mentioned in the game, as noted above in Vance's quotes, and in the Grimoire.
    • Concept art exists for a Cabal military installation known as Fleetbase Everest on Europa. As it was cut along with the rest of the area at this time, it's unclear whether there was ever canonically a Cabal presence on the moon before Season of the Chosen.
  • In Rasputin's bunkers during Season of the Worthy, the advance of the Pyramids is monitored on a simple star chart, using a dot matrix to represent the system's planets and moons along with the Pyramids themselves. For unknown reasons, likely related to the single Pyramid's presence, Eris and Drifter's arrival on the moon, and interference from Clovis Bray in relation to the Pyramid and Deep Stone Crypt, markings for Europa are visible on this chart, but are not illuminated like the rest of the moons in the system.
  • There are snowstorms on Europa that will make it difficult for a player to see and blow them around if they are on a Sparrow.
  • When listening to Radio transmissions at the Campsite in Beyond, depending on where you are in the Beyond Light Campaign and Post-Campaign Quests, you can hear messages from three of Eramis's lieutenants.
    • Phylaks can be heard before completing "Empire Hunt: The Warrior."
    • Praksis can be heard before completing "Empire Hunt: The Technocrat."
    • Kridis can be heard before completing "Empire Hunt: Dark Priestess."


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