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"I don't have time to explain why I don't have time to explain."
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Star, position:

Sol, Jupiter



3,122 kilometers


.134 g

Length of day:

3.5 days (synchronous)




Fallen, Vex, Pyramids


Europa (also called Jupiter II) is one of the Galilean moons in orbit of the planet Jupiter. Vex influence and presumably Cabal activity are known to be present on the icy moon. It is also the location of the Deep Stone Crypt, and the final destination of a Pyramid that flew ahead of the original invasion fleet during their return to the system.


The moon's outer layer is made up mostly of ice, and once supported a thriving human colony, which was lost during the Collapse. Now abandoned cities, buried in ice, are all that remain.[1] One of the legends of the Nine states that they originate from either Europa, a moon of Jupiter, or Titan, a moon of Saturn.[2] Brother Vance claimed that Osiris met with the Nine on Europa, but it "wasn't the right time."[3]

Nearly three years after the conclusion of the Red War and after their long journey back to the system, a Pyramid appeared in orbit over Jupiter. Interestingly this Pyramid was not detected amongst the fifty-four ships that the Warmind Rasputin detected within his bunkers. Sometime after the arrival, a sixth pyramid arrived on the world. Later, Eris Morn and the Drifter, who were contacted by the Exo Stranger were seen headed towards Europa to find the very ship.



  • In late 2013, Europa was a major location planned for the Comet that would eventually become The Taken King. Along with the European Dead Zone, the area was never completed and was later dropped from the expansion in March 2014 when Bungie decided to focus on the Dreadnaught.[5] It is still mentioned in the game, as noted above in Vance's quotes, and in the Grimoire.
  • In Rasputin's bunkers during Season of the Worthy, the advance of the Pyramids is monitored on a simple star chart, using a dot matrix to represent the system's planets and moons along with the Pyramids themselves. For unknown reasons, likely related to the single Pyramid's presence and Eris and Drifter's arrival on the moon, markings for Europa are visible on this chart, but are not illuminated like the rest of the moons in the system.


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