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Europa desktop.jpg

Star, position:

Sol, Jupiter



3,122 kilometers


.134 g

Length of day:

3.5 days




Europa is one of the Galilean moons of the planet Jupiter in the Sol System. The planet's outer layer is made up mostly of ice. Humanity once had a colony on Europa but lost it during the Collapse, now abandoned cities are all that remain.[1]

One of the legends of the Nine states that they are ancient leviathan intelligences originating from either Europa or Titan, both moons of Jupiter.[2] Brother Vance claimed that Osiris met with the Nine on Europa, but it "wasn't the right time."[3]


In late 2013, Europa was a major location planned for the Comet that would eventually become The Taken King. Along with the European Dead Zone, the area was never completed and was later dropped from the expansion in March 2014 when Bungie decided to focus on the Dreadnaught.[4]

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