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Beyond (location)


Rathmore Chaos, Europa

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Charon's Crossing

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An old friend awaits us in this clearing that overlooks the conflict between Light and Dark.[1]

Beyond is a region of Europa to the south of the Eventide colony ruins. During the City Age, Elisabeth Bray returned to Europa and established a campsite in the area to serve as her base of operations in connecting with the Darkness and investigating the Clovis Bray corporation.

Over the course of completing the storyline of Beyond Light and associated triumphs, various souvenirs can be collected and displayed at the campsite.


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The Young Wolf visited Beyond while scouting the Pyramid of the Black Fleet that had arrived on the moon. After they detected a distress signal from Variks, the Loyal they investigated a mysterious campsite where the signal was intercepted before eliminating a group of Fallen from the House of Salvation that arrived in the area.[2] They later returned to Beyond at the invitation of the Darkness, where they witnessed Elisabeth Bray, Eris Morn, and The Drifter utilize Stasis to kill another platoon from House Salvation and witnessed the arrival of a Ziggurat to commune with.[3]

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