Darkness's Doorstep

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The New Kell

Darkness's Doorstep


Destiny 2


Beyond Light



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Follow Variks' signal.

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Darkness's Doorstep is the first mission of the Beyond Light Campaign and the thirty-ninth story mission of Destiny 2. While investigating a Crux of Darkness on Europa, Ghost picks up a distress call from Variks. Upon finding him, The Guardian discovers that the Fallen have somehow gained the power of the Darkness in the form of Stasis.


  • Find Variks
  • Clear the Area
  • Track Variks Distress Signal
  • Reach the signal's true origin point
  • Save Variks
  • Free Variks



A drawing of the now restored Traveler sitting above the Last City fades in.

Cross fade to large group of people gathered around to hear Zavala's message

  • Zavala: "Humanity has endured a devastating blow."

Zoom out to Osiris, arms crossed, standing by Saint-14 carrying a child on his shoulders.

Pan up to Ana Bray working on an Exo with the Traveler in the background

The Traveler shifts into an unknown moon with a jumpship quickly approaching.

  • Zavala: "We're deploying Guardians to all corners of the system to find answers. And with those answers,"

Cross fade to a close up of Zavala.

  • Zavala: "we will form a plan. In the meantime…"

Zoom out to another large crowd listening to Zavala.

  • Zavala: "...we ask that all Lightless civilians remain in the safety of the City walls, under the protection of the Traveler."

Pan down to Ikora Rey comforting a child along with many other civilians.

  • Zavala: "Do not lose hope. Humanity has survived many horrors. We have done so through the strength of our community."

Cross fade to Mara Sov, sitting on her throne with an almost blank expression.

  • Zavala: "Through steadfast commitment to one another. Stay strong. Be brave."

Cross fade to the Traveler above the City

  • Zavala: "The Traveler protects us... and we will protect you. The Guardians will come through. They always do."

Fade to black

  • Exo Stranger: "I've seen terrible things born out in the darkness."

A wave of Light crashes against the Pyramid ships, fading to the Exo Stranger on Venus followed by Eris Morn visiting a veiled figure inside a Pyramid ship.

  • Exo Stranger: "Every moment brings them closer."

As Eris makes contact with the veiled figure, her orb's energy turns into Stasis, fading to a Pyramid ship on slowly approaching Io.

  • Exo Stranger: My future does not begin here. But yours does. It's time to step beyond the Light. And it all begins… with a Splinter.

Variks, the Loyal approaches the comms station in Charon's Crossing and sets down a container before activating a console inside

  • Variks: My friends. We are in great danger. Earth, the Great Machine, Eliksni… and Human.

The Exo Stranger quietly transmats behind Variks

  • Variks: Darkness walks among us. We are all in great danger. My kind must survive.

The Stranger opens the cache and sees the Splinter of Darkness inside

  • Variks: Please… send help… There is not much time.

The Stranger receives a transmission, and the noise alerts Variks, who spins around to find her gone along with Splinter

  • Variks: What? Where…

Multiple Skiffs and Fallen begin arriving outside the comms building

  • Variks: Oh no! She's already here.
  • Eramis: Variks!
  • Variks: "Please! Anyone!"

Fade to black

A Crux of Darkness sits off in the distance and behind it, sitting on the horizon, a Pyramid Ship. The Guardian and Ghost slowly approach it.

  • Guardian: "That's another one. They all scan the same. Empty. Why did the Darkness invite us here?"

The Guardian turns to Ghost.

  • Guardian: "You're quiet today."
  • Ghost: "Yeah… it's just… we keep coming face-to-face with Darkness, and every time, we fail to stop it. We're just so… powerless."

The duo continue to walk away from the Crux, when a sudden beeping occurs.

  • Ghost: "I'm picking up a distress signal. Someone's in trouble."
  • Variks (over comms): "My friends. We are all in danger."
  • Ghost: "It's… Variks?! He has a lot to answer for."
  • Variks (over comms): "Darkness walks among us."
  • Ghost: "I'll send a message to let Zavala know."
  • Guardian: "No, wait. Where is the signal coming from?"
  • Ghost: "Here... Europa."


  • Ghost: "I've tracked Variks's distress signal beyond the ridge. We'd better hurry. It was Variks you know. He instigated the riot at the Prison of Elders. He's equally responsible for Cayde's death. The Vanguard's been after him since. No wonder he's hiding on a desolate moon."

Or if the Guardian has not gone through Forsaken Campaign

  • Ghost: "So Variks traded the Prison of Elders for this? I guess if I were responsible for the death of Cayde-6 I'd be hiding out on a desolate moon too."

The Guardian clears a valley glacier, a Fallen Ketch appears

  • Ghost: "We're close to the point of Variks's distress signal."

As the Guardian continues their approach, Fallen forces begin to swarm the area.

  • Ghost: "Those Fallen patrols are right where we're going - the campsite! They must be after Variks too. Let's hurry."

The Guardian secures the area and approaches the shelter.

  • Ghost: "These Fallen had an unfamiliar house symbol. Who are we dealing with?"

The Guardian enters the shelter and looks around.

  • Ghost: "Someone's been staying here. There's traces of… Darkness energy."

If the Guardian does not immediately scan the terminal.

  • Ghost: "There must be a reason the distress signal brought us here… Let's look around."

The Guardian scans the terminal.

  • Ghost: "It's BrayTech. From Eventide - Clovis Bray's Golden Age colony here on Europa. Whoever was here was using it to track Variks too. They must have intercepted the distress signal before we did. Okay, I've got the signal's true origin point now. It's not far. Let's hurry!"

The Guardian exits the shelter and Fallen Skiffs jump into the area, dropping off reinforcements by a shielded cave entrance. The Guardian takes them out.

  • Ghost: "Variks must have really done it this time. If we don't get to him first, someone else will. If it's not already too late."

The Guardian begins to make their way through the cave.

  • Ghost: "Wait - Darkness. It's close. I feel it, but… it's different somehow."

The Guardian exits the cave system.


Fade in from black, Variks is surrounded by a large number of Fallen. A Fallen Kell approaches Variks and knocks him to the ground.

  • Variks: "Safe from you, yes?"

Eramis turns to her Soldiers.

  • Eramis: "Search the buildings. Find it."

Eramis raises her hand, channeling Stasis energy. She blasts Variks and begins encasing him.

  • Variks: "Wait!"

Eramis stops the freezing.

  • Variks: "Eramis… Old friend…These powers… they create chaos. They are changing you. This..."
  • Eramis: "Ha! Cling to your Machine God. With this power…"

Eramis presents her hand, summoning a shard of Darkness.

  • Eramis: "...we make our own fate."

Eramis begins to walk away and Variks grabs her. Eramis reaches back and rips Variks' arm off.

  • Eramis: "Always playing pretend. Living in the past. I should have seen it."

Eramis crushes Variks' now detached arm and drops it.

  • Eramis: "Make an example of him."

Dregs and Vandals begin to close their circle on Variks, pikes drawn.

Cut to black.


  • Ghost: "Variks should be just up ahead."

The Guardian begins to make their way up a hill and sees an old communication station.

  • Ghost: "There! That's where Variks's signal is coming from."

The Guardian starts reducing the Fallen presence around the station and makes their way to the roof.

  • Variks: "Help Variks, yes?!"

The Guardian eliminates half of the Fallen on the roof.

  • Variks: "Please, fire away from Variks!"

The roof is completely rid of all hostile Fallen.

  • Ghost: "Wait a second - I'm picking up more chatter on the Fallen's comms."
  • Eramis (over comms): "Have them surround the perimeter. The snake does not leave here alive."
  • Phylaks (over comms): "It will be done, Eramiskel."
  • Variks: "Savior, hurry! You must free me!"

The Guardian breaks Variks free from the Stasis ensnarement.

  • Variks: "[wheezes in pain] Variks thanks you. [insect-like chattering] And now must hide."
  • Ghost: "Not so fast. We heard your message: 'Darkness walks among us.' What do you mean?"
  • Variks: "There is no time. They are coming! Variks asks for you protection once more."

Fallen Skiffs appear from the horizon and fastly approach the station.

  • Variks: "I will take shelter inside. Succeed, and Variks will reveal all."

A Fallen beacon sits behind the Guardian and as they approach it, a Brig drops in.

  • Variks: "Success, savior! Variks is truly grateful. [insect-like chattering]"
  • Ghost: "Then prove it. We expect answers."
  • Variks: "Come to Variks, and you will have them. [insect-like chattering] But know that our work here has only just begun."

{Mission ends}


Fallen - House of Salvation