The Kell of Darkness

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Sabotaging Salvation

The Kell of Darkness


Destiny 2


Beyond Light






Defeat the Kell of Darkness, Eramis.

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The Kell of Darkness is the fourteenth Story mission for the Beyond Light expansion.

It takes place at Riis-Reborn, where players have to hunt down and eliminate Eramis, the Kell of the House of Salvation.


Eventide Ruins, Rathmore Chaos, Europa

The Guardian hunts Eramis

  • Ghost: The more Eliksni that escape, the better I feel. They deserve safety away from Eramis.
  • Variks, the Loyal: A victory, yes, but more remain.
  • Eramis: And when I find them, they'll all die. Good riddance to traitors like you — unworthy of my empire.
  • Variks: Eramis… it was never meant to be an empire. [insect-like chattering] It was meant to be home.
  • Eramis: Home? Our home was taken from us by your once Great Machine. There is no home for us while it still lives.

Riis-Reborn Approach, Rathmore Chaos, Europa The Guardian finds Vex invading House Salvation's territory

  • Ghost: No — the Vex are already here!

The Guardian defeats the Vex and the Fallen which they encounter as they continue to hunt down Eramis. The Guardian approaches a sealed Fallen barrier.

  • Eramis: You think me insane, don't you pawn? One day, you'll understand- when your City falls and your people die. When your "Traveler" abandons you.

The Guardian enters a room with a Crux of Darkness. Sniksis, House Salvation appears. The Guardian defeats Sniksis, House Salvation. A barrier blocking a nearby corridor disappears. The Guardian continues to search for Eramis.

  • Variks: Eramis... is wrong. About Variks. About Eliksni! Variks came to Europa for a second chance. For the right thing. That is strength, not weakness!
  • Eramis: Oh please, Variks. You only came here to hide. Like a coward.
  • Variks: No! Releasing Vex put Elkisni lives in danger. Many have already perished. Eramis... you are the real coward!
  • Eramis: Silence! I've had enough of you, Variks. I will enjoy watching your skull shatter into pieces.

The Guardian finds a Fallen barrier. The Guardian unseals the barrier and heads upwards in the lift.

Gale's Watch, Europa

The Guardian continues to search for Eramis, defeating the Fallen which they encounter.Piksis, House Salvation appears. The Guardian defeats Piksis, House Salvation and confronts Eramis, Kell of Darkness in her command room with a hologram of a pyramid.

  • Ghost: Eramis.
  • Eramis: Welcome back. It's time to meet your end.

The Guardian fights against Eramis.

  • The Darkness was not meant for you! You do not understand this power! I will destroy you, your once Great Machine, and everyone you care for!

Cutscene begins The Guardian continues to fight Eramis.

  • Eramis: Your chains are showing. All that power, wasted serving false gods. Ha!

Eramis strikes the Guardian with Stasis, freezing their legs to the ground.

  • Eramis: Allow me to help you break free.
  • Guardian: Ghost!
  • Ghost: This is... I... I can't- I'm sorry.
  • Eramis: Ha!

Eramis suppresses Ghost with Stasis. The Guardian reaches for the Splinter of Darkness. Eramis snatches the Splinter out of the Guardian's hand.

  • Eramis: Look what I've done for you. No more Light. No more Dark.

Eramis shatters the Guarduan's Splinter of Darkness. As the Guardian becomes fully surrounded by Stasis crystals, they hear the voice of the Exo Stranger.

  • Exo Stranger: Look within. Focus your power.
  • Eramis: How interesting...

The Guardian breaks free from the Stasis crystals, knocking back Eramis and freeing Ghost.

  • Eramis:Suprised yelp.
  • Guardian: The only thing we have to break here- is you.
  • Eramis: Come then, pawn. Show me what freedom has given you.

End cutscene The Guardian becomes empowered with Stasis. Several Cruxes of Darkness appear. The Guardian continues to fight Eramis.

  • Eramis: Come to me, pawn.

The Guardian fights against Eramis using Stasis.

  • Eramis: I will tear the Darkness out from inside you.

The Guardian fights against Eramis.

  • Eramis: How dare you get in my way!

The Guardian fights against Eramis.

  • Eramis: You are not special. The Darkness is MINE! However you do this, it does not matter. I will still tear you apart.

The Guardian fights against Eramis.

  • Eramis: This power was meant for me and the Eliksni! Not scum like you!

The Guardian fights against Eramis. Eramis falls to her knees and then gets to her feet. Cutscene starts

  • Eramis: It will not end this way. It can't!GruntsWhat?GaspsNooo...!

Eramis is consumed by Stasis crystals as she reaches towards the Europan Pyramid. End cutscene


  • Hunt Down Eramis
  • Eliminate Eramis


Fallen - House of Salvation
Vex - Sol Collective



  • Piksis and Sniksis also appear in The Dark Priestess mission.
  • Piksis is a neutral boss and will not engage the players unless it is provoked.
  • Eramis is the third Kell to be featured in a story mission. The first being Draksis and second being Skolas.