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Expunge: Styx


Destiny 2


Season of the Splicer




Defeat the Oppressive Mind

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Expunge: Styx is a story mission introduced in the Season of the Splicer. Players are tasked to breach into the Vex Nexus and to collapse the domain by eliminating the Oppressive Mind.

The mission later returns as Expunge: Corrupted Styx as it is discovered that a Taken incursion of the domain prevented its collapse. Players are once again tasked with venturing into the domain and to eliminate the reborn Oppressive Mind.



  • Breach the Nexus
Transmigrate the boundary between the material and the immaterial
  • 'Brute Force' the authentication conflux
Overload the conflux with damage to extract an authentication key
  • Use the Authentication Key
  • Obtain a New Authentication Key
Each firewall requires a new authentication key to bypass
  • Use the Authentication Key
  • Defeat the Oppressive Mind

Expunge: Corrupted Styx

  • Enter the Corrupted Nexus
Trespass into the corrupted Nexus Domain
  • 'Brute Force' the authentication conflux
Overload the conflux with damage to extract an authentication key
  • Use the Authentication Key
  • Defeat the Corrupted Oppressive Mind

Styx transcript[edit]

(Mission Begins)

The Guardians enter the Distributed Cognition Domain and traverse deeper.

  • Mithrax: Do you feel that? The more you explore the Vex domain, the more I feel an all-seeing eye upon us. Ever watchful, ever seeking. We trespass in dimensions not meant for either of us.

The Vex detect the Guardians and begin a purge throughout the Domain.

  • Mithrax: The Vex have enacted a purge sweep of the domain. We should stay ahead of it.

The Guardians enter the Styx Domain.

  • Mithrax: A layer of barriers defends this realm, a mighty fortress that resists brute force. Cunning is the key here, Guardian. If you overload that thought-conduit with an attack, you may be able to capture Vex data.

The Guardians collect a Vex Authentication Key.

  • Mithrax: That fragment of Vex data can be used to splice a bypass in their security, granting us access to the Oppressive Mind at this domain's core. I have helped as much as I can. You tread uncharted paths.. solving this enigma is up to you, and the skills you have been given.

The Guardians use an Authentication Key to destabilise the first security layer.

  • Mithrax: The barrier has destabilized. You will need to continue to chip away at the defenses to destroy it entirely.

The Guardians destabilise the Vex firewall and challenge Dikast, Oppressive Mind.

  • Mithrax: The Oppressive Mind rises to face us. Show it the power of a Splicer.

Dikast, Oppressive Mind is defeated

  • Mithrax: With your Light, you are unweaving a reality the Vex have forced upon us. The tapestry of their design continues to fray. But this way far from over.
  • Osiris: Lakshmi is certain that our continued efforts, combined with Future War Cult's technology, can locate the source of the Endless Night.
  • Mithrax: I am aware of the device Lakshmi uses. Does it not worry you?
  • Osiris: In what way?
  • Mithrax: It is taxing on its user. To have one's consciousness fractured into countless splinters and rejoined again can be... harrowing.
  • Osiris: Lakshmi is up to the task.
  • Mithrax: This sort of technology is taboo among the Eliksni. But perhaps House Light can still offer some assistance. My engineers could improve on the design... make it easier for Lakshmi...
  • Osiris: No, no. The Black Armory has already provided the necessary enhancements for us. Lakshmi will manage. I'm confident. Besides, the less interaction Lakshmi has with your people at the moment... the better.
  • Mithrax: Yes, perhaps... perhaps you are right.

(Mission Ends)

Corrupted Styx transcript[edit]

(Mission Begins)

The Guardians return to collapse the Taken incursion and traverse deeper into Distributed Cognition Domain.

  • Osiris: This infinite realm beyond material space is but one of many. The universe holds so many dark and fascinating secrets. If only our eyes were open enough to see them.

The Vex detect the Guardians and initiate a purge within the Domain.

  • Osiris: It appears the Vex would prefer you not to learn anything further at all. You'd better get moving.

The Guardians enter the Corrupted Styx Domain.

  • Osiris: The Oppressive Mind has ensconced itself behind a series of data barriers. Remove the barriers and destroy it.

The Guardians collect an Authentication Key.

  • Osiris: I do wonder if the Vex security here is so lacking because they never imagined you could reach this place. Because they can't simulate... fascinating.

The Guardians dismantle the Vex firewall and challenge Dikast, Oppressive Mind Reborn.

  • Osiris: Another Oppressive Mind. Show it the fate of its predecessors.

Dikast, Oppressive Mind Reborn is defeated

  • Mithrax: With this victory, the threads of night are further unraveled, and the weaver of this dark tapestry can no longer elude us. I have found a route to Quria's hiding place. It is concealed behind numerous layers of defenses compiled by the Vex.
  • Ikora: But now we have a target.
  • Osiris: I would caution you against underestimating Quria!
  • Ikora: Agreed. We must strike carefully, mitigate Quria's ability to rally defenses. Then, punch through the network like a white-hot sword of Praxic fire.
  • Saint-14: We can do this.
  • Mithrax: Together.
  • Saint-14: Together.

(Mission Ends)


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Dikast, Oppressive Mind

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