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Expunge: Tartarus


Destiny 2


Season of the Splicer




Defeat the Oppressive Mind

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Expunge: Tartarus is a story mission introduced in the Season of the Splicer. Players are tasked to breach into the Vex Nexus and to collapse the domain by eliminating the Oppressive Mind.

The mission later returns as Expunge: Corrupted Tartarus as it is discovered that a Taken incursion of the domain prevented its collapse. Players are once again tasked with venturing into the domain and to eliminate the reborn Oppressive Mind.


Expunge: Tartarus

  • Breach the Nexus
  • Find the Oppressive Mind
  • Defeat the Oppressive Mind

Expunge: Corrupted Tartarus

  • Enter the Corrupted Nexus
  • Find the Corrupted Oppressive Mind
  • Destroy the Corrupted Oppressive Mind

Tartarus transcript[edit]

(Mission Begins)

The Guardians enter the Distributed Cognition Domain and traverse deeper.

  • Mithrax: Each trespass into this domain is easier for you than the last. I feel you moving through the Vex network as they do, as they are. You are no longer an invader; you are a part of the system. I hope that as you change this place... it is also not changing you.

The Vex initiate a purge.

  • Mithrax: Another purge sweeps through the network; be cautious.

The Guardians enter the Tartarus Domain.

  • Mithrax: The guts of this dimension churn, digesting all within. This entire place seeks your end. You will need to find a defense against the forces of eradication and entropy at work here.

The Guardians dismantle the Vex firewall and summon Dimio, Oppressive Mind.

  • Mithrax: We have awoken the Oppressive Mind! Destroy it!

Dimio, Opressive Mind is defeated.

  • Ikora: We succeed for a third time, and yet nothing has changed with the Endless Night. Why is that, Mithrax?
  • Mithrax: Each time the Guardian destroys a Vex mind in control of a domain, the remaining Vex carry the leftover burden.
  • Ikora: And how many of these minds do you think are left to share that burden?
  • Mithrax: That... is unclear.
  • Ikora: Then we should focus our efforts on finding the central Vex mind guiding them. Osiris, how is that coming along?
  • Osiris: Slowly. Lakshmi and Mithrax's Splicers are diligently working with data the Guardian has recovered. But the Vex mind at the source of the Endless Night remains elusive.
  • Ikora: We need to move quickly. The simulation is draining the City's energy. I won't stand by and watch our Lightless civilians continue to suffer.
  • Osiris: Ikora. I don't intend to let that happen.
  • Mithrax: We will work harder. We will find a way. The Light provides.

(Mission Ends)

Corrupted Tartarus transcript[edit]

(Mission Begins)

The Guardians enter the Distributed Cognition Domain and traverse deeper.

  • Osiris: When you first stole into this realm, I did not believe you could achieve what you have. Invading a domain of Vex consciousness like this. Yet, here you are... embodiment of the impossible. Somehow, in spite of everything you've accomplished, I managed to underestimate you. I won't make that mistake again.
  • Osiris: It seems the Vex are content to keep throwing the same defenses at you. Get into the domain, Guardian.

The Guardians enters the Corrupted Tartarus domain.

  • Osiris: This is a Vex disintegration domain, eradicating unneeded simulation data and abandoned terraforming projects. Beware those barriers; they will destroy all matter they touch.

The Guardians breach the Vex security and destroys the final firewall.

  • Osiris: Venture deeper, Guardian. The Vex are on alert, but their defenses have not fully come online.

The Vex detect an incursion and summon Dimio, Oppressive Mind Reborn.

  • Osiris: Once more, the Vex fall into our snare. The domain's master is yours. Destroy it!

Dimio, Oppressive Mind Reborn is defeated.

  • Mithrax: The end is here. The path to Quria opens. A night-end is in sight. Destroy Quria, and the Witch Queen will be forced into retreat. The Vex lose guidance; this network becomes unimagined. Ikora has taught how Guardians cornered the Undying Mind not long ago. With her wisdom, and Eliksni Splicers, we have plan-devised. Drag Quria from hiding. May its last thoughts be of fear. Of you.

(Mission Ends)


Expunge: Tartarus[edit]




Expunge: Corrupted Tartarus[edit]






Tartarus Domain

Corrupted Tartarus Domain

Dimio, Oppressive Mind

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