Taken Psion

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Taken Psion
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ArcS.png Taken Slug Rifle


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"You are a Psion. Clever, canny specialist. Bolted into the Cabal hierarchy: a pilot, an investigator, a manipulator, an operative. [...] But you are a rare thing. There are so few of you. Your frailty betrays you. You must be manifold. There is a knife for you. It is shaped like [division]. Take up the knife. Cut yourself apart. Take your new shape"
Grimoire description

The Taken Psion is a type of Taken Cabal.


Taken Psions have traded their psychic waves for the ability to multiply themselves, splitting and creating another Taken Psion with full health, even if the original is close to death. They are equipped with an Arc Slug Rifle, which fires extremely quickly. They also retain the Psion's psychic melee attack, although now it deals Kinetic damage. Compared to their base counterparts, who are skittish and tend to hang back, Taken Psions throw themselves in the frontlines, shooting the enemy at close range, confiding in their ability to split to ovewhelm foes. Sometimes however they hang back, usually out of view, usually when low in numbers, and begin splitting to create a horde and get back in the fight. Still, they are weak, dying in few shots, and the copies take a moment to start moving, which can make them vulnerable to explosions. Their arsenal is also very limited, especially compared to their Destiny 2 counterparts, and though they are fast runners, they lack the jump jets of their regular counterparts, although that also means they don't have a weak spot on their back.

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  • Taken Psions were formerly named Gremlins during production of The Taken King.

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