Tree of Silver Wings

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"I don't have time to explain why I don't have time to explain."
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The tree of silver wings in the Cradle.
"In the Garden grows a tree of silver wings. The leaves are ruin, the bark disaster. Of the seeds we do not speak. "
Ruin Wings' flavor text

The tree of silver wings is a mysterious entity referred to by multiple sources, typically in association with either the Black Garden or the metaphorical "garden" allegorically used to describe the state of reality predating the universe. It once existed alongside the Gardener and Winnower, until the two entities began fighting with one another and destroyed it in their struggles.

Another "tree of silver wings" was discovered by the Guardian and Eris Morn in the heart of the Cradle on Io. It was stated by Eris that the Traveler created it when it arrived on Io but the connection between this tree and the original is unclear; however, the flavor text for the Seed of Silver Wings recovered from the tree strongly implies that both share a similar nature. Moreover, Ruinous Effigy, a trace rifle created from a branch of the tree, shares the motif of ruin and disaster described by Ruin Wings' flavor text.


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  • The Patterns that can be seen on the spiraling trunk of the tree are extremely similar to patterns found within the small Pyramid on Luna.
  • A Ghost projection in Eververse refers to the tree as the Sterling Arbor; however, it is unknown whether or not this is a canon name in the lore.