Tree of Silver Wings (Essence)

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When The Witness and it's Black Fleet arrived at Earth. The Traveler would shoot a beam of Light at the Witness's ship, creating a Tree of Silver Wings. It's roots would begin to grow across the pyramid. When a Guardian fireteam confronted Nezarec, Final God of Pain it was fully grown.


During the Witness's invasion of Earth, the Traveler would shoot a terraforming beam at the Witness's ship in retaliation, causing roots, akin to the Tree of Silver Wings, to grow and spread all through the ship along with a single tree deep within the vessel.

When a fireteam led by the Guardian arrived on the ship, the tree only appeared in its bud-like state. While venturing through the ship, the Guardians would use the powers of Light and Darkness to grow the tree into its blossomed state.

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