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Artifacts are rare objects and curiosities collected by Guardians. Unlike armor, class items, Shaders, and Ghost Shells, Artifacts do not alter the player's appearance in any way when equipped. Instead, their primary benefit lies in their ability to further boost the player's Intellect, Discipline, and Strength values. They also provide an additional method for the player to generate Orbs of Light; specific perks may generate an extra Orb if the player kills an enemy using elemental damage, or kills an enemy using a grenade. Artifacts related to the Iron Lords were added by Rise of Iron, and feature additional, exclusive perks.

List of Artifacts[edit]



  • The Maraid
  • Efrideet's Eye
  • Ahamkara Scale
  • Filament Hex
  • Neural Bezoar
  • Pallas Ring
  • Thrice-Wrapped Thing
  • Trinary Star
  • Wax-Sealed Case


  • Coyote's Luck
  • The Pahanin Errata
  • Dredgen Yor's Rose
  • Parasitic Optic
  • Two-Sided Coin
  • Ankh of Sai Mota
  • Blood-Soaked Charm
  • Butterfly Code
  • Deidris's Fist
  • Hezen Totem
  • Jasper Carcanet
  • Oraclery
  • Oversoul's Scream
  • Parasitic Optic
  • SIVA Shard
  • Perfected SIVA Shard
  • Rainbow Blade
  • Prismatic Heart
  • Thrallskin Drum
  • Unerring Compass



  • Kabr's Pocket Watch
  • Saint-14's Ring
  • Radegast's Blade
  • Asharru's Hope
  • Cyclopean Enigma
  • Fortuna Pendant
  • Horn of Six Wars
  • Iglatho-Cyu


  • Judgment of Mars'
  • Intact Warmind Core
  • Scales of Eao
  • Yzoz's Pendulum
  • Wei Ning's Cong
  • Vell Tarlowe's Vigil
  • Betromarts's Pledge
  • Claw of Command
  • Continuum Pin
  • Echo of Honor
  • Firebreak Eternal
  • Incubation Shell
  • Oversoul's Pang
  • SIVA Core
  • Perfected SIVA Core
  • Scroll of Eimin-Tin
  • Sootpool Pearl
  • Stoneborn Relic
  • Sunscorched Lens
  • Wings of Apris-Fol



  • Segoth's Head
  • Skorri's Dirge
  • Ring of Living Stone
  • Light of Moths
  • Silent Oracle
  • Spectral Dust
  • Techeun Bangle
  • Tome of Nothing
  • Wereglit


  • Oddly Colored Cube
  • Thanatonaut's Lullaby
  • Sisyphus Project
  • Flamel Crest
  • Warp Core Fragment
  • Sins of Kharad-Tan
  • Transcendent Eye
  • Broken Crown
  • Chronofuse
  • Colovance's Choice
  • Hourless Glass
  • Leaf of the Bleeding Tree
  • Numinous Web
  • Oversoul's Gasp
  • SIVA Capsule
  • Perfected SIVA Capsule
  • Specimen Twelve
  • The Damned Lute
  • The Traitor's Die
  • Whispering Sphere

All classes[edit]

Destiny 2[edit]

In Destiny 2, artifacts are earned via season pass free track and any artifact can be used by any class unlike in Destiny. They provide the player with a power bonus that increases as the player levels up the artifact by earning experience points. Aside from the power bonus, for the first 12 levels the artifact gains 1 artifact point when it levels up. These artifact points can be used to unlock mods for weapons and armor. It takes 1 artifact point to unlock 1 mod. Each seasonal artifact has a different set of mods that can be unlocked. The seasonal artifact disappears along with the power bonus when the season ends. Since the artifact only allows you to have 12 mods at a time unlocked, players can pay a certain amount glimmer that increases every time to reset their artifact points. Mods from the artifact in use no longer work if the artifact is reset and the mod is not unlocked again.

Destiny 2 Artifacts[edit]

List of appearances[edit]


  • Throughout the entire Destiny series, there hasn't been an Exotic artifact.